CentralAmericaData has Become PREDIK Data-Driven
Jan-4-22 | In order to bring our operations, processes and services under one single brand name, we have decided to transform CentralAmericaData and definitively integrate it into our global brand, PREDIK Data-Driven.
Top 5 Benefits from implementing heat maps in businesses
Nov-22-21 | The heat map is one of the most useful and powerful data analysis tools in business intelligence. It provides a visualization feature that presents multiple pieces of data in a way that makes immediate sense by assigning a different size and color.
How to leverage heat maps to improve your business?
Nov-22-21 | One of the analytical tools that leading companies use to gather knowledge is heat maps. By creating a graphical representation of their data, new insights emerge, providing companies with the information they need to adapt their strategies and maximize their profits.
How Much Does a Logo Cost?
Nov-15-21 | Ariel Banos, expert in pricing strategy, presents in this article a key aspect to consider when quoting proposals for professional services.
Location Analytics in the Real Estate Market
Sep-17-21 | This analysis enables real estate companies to make data-driven decisions on issues that define the success of a real estate business, from acquisitions, leasing, investments to marketing campaigns and operational processes.
Walmart Vs. Soriana: Consumer Foot traffic Analysis
Aug-27-21 | Mobility data analytics are transforming the way commercial strategies are defined in the retail business, and supermarket chains are no exception.
How to Boost Sales with Artificial Intelligence
Aug-24-21 | New data management methodologies now allow retailers to take advantage of even the smallest piece of information to generate valuable insights that help optimize their marketing and customer loyalty strategies.
New Times, New Changes
Jul-6-21 | Starting July 2021, you will receive every Thursday, in your mailbox, our CentralAmericaData Express Weekly Newsletter, which will consist of a careful and detailed selection of reports, news and business analysis prepared by our team of Business Intelligence analysts.
Consumers, Trends and Changing Interests
Jun-22-21 | During the first half of 2021, consumers in Central American countries increased their interest in comics, martial arts, motorcycles, vegetarian food, spa services, air travel, weight loss products and sporting goods.
Mobility Data and Value for the Retail Sector
Jun-18-21 | Through the management of large volumes of data, it is possible to understand the pedestrian mobility of an area or city, and from this, predict the sales potential of a business according to its location and the characteristics of consumers who pass through the surrounding area.
Consumer Mobility as Data
Jun-4-21 | Using today's technology, it is possible to know and accurately monitor consumer mobility, identify the places they visit, how often they do so, at what times and on what days, and transform this mobility and pedestrian flow data into solutions for optimizing commercial and marketing strategies.
Laws on Formalities and Free Trade Zones Approved
Jun-2-21 | In Guatemala were published in the Diario de Centroamerica the sanctions of the laws for the Simplification of Administrative Requirements and Procedures and Free Zones, regulatory frameworks that aim to encourage investments and job creation.
Big Data for Educational Services Market
May-27-21 | Determining which professional disciplines people prefer to study and identifying whether they are interested in diplomas, certifications, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees or long term courses, are goals that can be achieved through the application of innovative methodologies based on the analysis of large volumes of data.
New Products and Brands: How to Determine their Acceptance?
May-21-21 | Using advanced technology applied to the extraction and processing of large volumes of data, it is possible to obtain the necessary information to evaluate whether a new product, service or brand will be accepted when it begins to compete in a specific market.
Big Data to Profile Consumers
May-19-21 | Using big data management techniques, it is possible to know, with greater precision than with traditional methods, the socio-demographic characteristics, tastes, preferences and interests of consumers living in a specific area of a city or of groups of people who visit particular stores.
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