Nicaragua: Poultry Farmers with Pessimistic Predictions
Nov-24-20 | The country's chicken producers estimate that they will close 2020 with a 1.3% decrease in sales, a drop that would be explained by the drop in orders from hotels and restaurants, establishments that operate partially due to the low presence of tourists.
Bank Loans become Less Expensive in Nicaragua
Sep-24-20 | Between May and June of this year, the average lending rate of commercial banks has fallen from 11.52% to 10.28%, a drop that is explained by the high level of liquidity of the banks and the low placement of credits.
Business: Making Blind Decisions
Dec-18-19 | Because of the tension between the productive sector and the government, coupled with the lack of official statistics from the Central Bank, some companies in Nicaragua have chosen to stop providing information to the authorities.
Less Profits in Real Estate Business
Aug-26-19 | The prices of construction materials in Nicaragua have reported increases in recent months, but because of the crisis in which the country finds itself, businessmen have chosen to assume these costs and not pass them on to customers.
Nicaragua: Banking Agencies Keep Closing
Aug-23-19 | Since the beginning of the political crisis in the country, several banks have decided to close some of their service centers, and only during the first half of 2019 have 56 branches been reported closed.
No More Investor Confidence?
Aug-8-19 | Although the goal for this year was to issue $100 million in debt bonds, during the first quarter the Nicaraguan government only awarded $1.1 million, doubting the level of investor confidence.
Chicken Meat: Less Production in Nicaragua
Jul-12-19 | Businessmen in the sector estimate that local chicken meat production has contracted between 6% and 8% since the crisis began in April last year.
Vehicles: Companies Survive in the Middle of the Crisis
Jul-1-19 | Explained by the political and economic crisis that Nicaragua is going through, in the first quarter of the year imports of vehicles in the country fell 65%, so that companies survive on the business of workshops.
Tobacco: Good Sales in Times of Crisis
Apr-16-19 | Despite Nicaragua's political and economic crisis, tobacco exports in 2018 totaled $222 million, 10% more than in 2017.
Household Appliances: Imports Go Down 35%
Feb-19-19 | From January to November 2018, imports of household appliances in Nicaragua totaled $106 million, 35% less than reported in the same period of the previous year.
Nicaragua: Economy Could Fall by up to 11%
Feb-5-19 | If the country does not provide an early solution to the socio-political crisis it has been going through since April 2018, it is projected that the economy could decline between 7% and 11% during 2019.
Nicaragua: Significant Decline in Residential Construction
Dec-14-18 | A 40% decline is estimated in the construction of social housing investments in the country, and in the case of middle and upper-class housing, the contraction reaches 70%.
Figures from the Crisis
Dec-13-18 | After the political and social crisis that began in April, the Nicaraguan economy will lose more than $1.3 billion this year, and GDP could decline by 4%, together with the collateral effects suffered by the countries of the region.
Tough Times for Tourism
Dec-11-18 | At the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, touristic companies in Nicaragua were reporting a good performance, but the political situation in the country has generated a crisis that is still unsolved.
Nicaragua Acquires Less Capital Goods
Nov-6-18 | The decline in economic activity is the reason for the year-on-year decline of 36% reported in the capital goods imports up to August this year.
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Central Bank of Nicaragua
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