Industry: Real Estate Construction is up 3%
Aug-21-20 | From January to June of this year, the constructed area of warehouses and other industrial properties in Costa Rica increased by 58,273 square meters compared to the same period in 2019, which is equivalent to an annual increase of 3%.
Rentals: Lower Occupancy, Lower Prices
May-14-20 | As a result of the crisis, the unemployment rate of commercial premises in Costa Rica rose from 8.81% to 9.86%, and the average price per square meter fell by 3%.
What Threats Are Facing Industrial Parks?
Jul-4-19 | Although in Costa Rica the level of unemployment of buildings in industrial parks is 8%, some precincts are facing threats, since companies could leave them because of the traffic congestion in the area where they are located and the travel time of employees.
Bad Times for the Retail Sector
Jun-10-19 | In Costa Rica, the retail sector is going through one of its worst moments in recent years, since several jobs have been lost and local unemployment is increasing.
Concern Over Commercial Vacancy Rate
May-8-19 | In the last year, the number of vacant commercial premises has increased in Costa Rica, behavior that is partly due to the economic situation of the country and changes in consumer preferences.
What Areas Attract More Residential Projects?
Feb-1-19 | In Costa Rica, 43% of the residential projects that GAM builds, have been announced or are in pre-sale, mostly in Alajuela, Santa Ana, San José and Escazú.
Companies Move Away from the Capital
Apr-25-18 | Traffic congestion, the price of land and rents, and logistical facilities are some of the reasons why more and more companies in Costa Rica prefer to be located outside of San José.
Costa Rican Malls
Nov-29-16 | Of the 255 complex business operating in the greater metropolitan area, 11 are in the regional center format, 42 community, 75 neighborhood, 134 strip, 21 are urban, 7 lifestyle and 5 entertainment.
Costa Rica: Office Market in September 2016
Nov-11-16 | At the close of the quarter, there was an increase in the total inventory with the new supply of 53,067 square meters of rentable offices.
Office Warehouses and Industrial Premises in Costa Rica
Sep-20-16 | The segments of industrial warehouses, and office warehouses, where those that provided the most dynamism in the industrial real estate market in the Greater Metropolitan Area of ​​Costa Rica at the end of the second quarter.
Costa Rica: Retail Growing in Malls
May-15-15 | So far in 2015 12 shopping centers have been opened, in different formats, and by December 36 more projects will have been inaugurated, plus another 30 next year.
Costa Rica: $165 million in Real Estate Projects
Mar-11-14 | Two business groups in the capital are building two projects that combine residential, commercial and office spaces.
Commercial Real Estate Market in Costa Rica
Feb-7-14 | There is Increased investment in medium-sized commercial developments in the vicinity of residential areas.
Tax Exemptions Keep Attracting Investment to Costa Rica
Nov-8-13 | Foreign direct investment in the country rose by 15%, while in the free zones where businesses are exempt from income tax, the growth rate was 53%.
Costa Rica: Office and Store Prices in Mini Cities
Aug-14-13 | Rent an office in a standard office building costs around $17.38 per square foot, whereas in a mixed-use development the price rises to $23.
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