Of "Tall Tales" and Mega-Projects
Dec-20-19 | Five years after the big announcement made by President Ortega and the Chinese company HKND, of the famous project to build a large inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua, there are only tales.
EU Pressures Nicaragua
Dec-20-19 | The European Parliament's plenary session proposes that the European Commission apply the democratic clause in the EU-Central America Association Agreement, which would involve Nicaragua's withdrawal from the agreement.
Coffee: Law Reform Moves Forward, Despite Opposition
Aug-15-19 | Although several sectors disapprove of the initiative, in Nicaragua the Legislative Commission in charge of the reform endorsed the bill that seeks to remove the power of businessmen to propose their representatives to the Coffee Commission.
Rise in Minimum Wage Goes Ahead Despite Crisis
Aug-27-18 | In the midst of Nicaragua's delicate economic situation, the government has announced that the 5.2% increase in the minimum wage agreed in March will come into effect on September 1.
Proposal to Bring Forward Presidential Elections
May-31-18 | In search of a solution to the crisis that has Nicaragua on tenterhooks, the business sector has asked Ortega to bring forward presidential elections in an orderly manner and with a renewed Electoral Council.
Crisis in Nicaragua: No Solution in Sight
May-18-18 | In the view of Fitch Ratings, continued political unrest could undermine investment conditions and economic growth, as well as raise the risks of confidence shocks to the financial system and macroeconomic stability.
Will Revoking the Reform Be Enough?
Apr-23-18 | In Nicaragua, President Ortega has revoked the controversial law to reform the National Institute of Social Security, but demonstrations continue and business leaders are calling on the government to have a dialogue.
Public Debt Margin Expanded
Dec-12-17 | In Nicaragua, the Ortega administration has authorized raising the maximum limit allowed for the central government's debt to $1.170 billion.
New Attempt to Put Conditions on Nicaraguan Financing
Oct-4-17 | The lower house of the US Congress has approved the law known as the Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act or Nica Act, which proposes placing conditions on loans granted by international institutions to the government of Daniel Ortega.
New Business Opportunities for Nicaragua and Colombia
Feb-23-17 | Paper and machinery are some of the goods that nicaraguan businessmen plan to import in large amounts with the upcoming elimination of the "patriotic" tax of 35% on colombian products.
Nicaragua Repeals Tax on Colombian Imports
Feb-22-17 | The Ortega administration has introduced a bill to repeal the "patriotic tax" of 35% levied on imports of Colombian products since 1999.
Central America, Taiwan, Trump?
Jan-19-17 | The attendance of the president of the rebellious Chinese island to the inauguration of President Ortega and visits to the countries of northern Central America could have profound geopolitical significance.
Nicaragua: More Backing for Housing Construction
Jan-11-17 | The Ortega administration intends to build 119,000 homes within 5 years, 70 thousand of which will be built by the state and the rest by private companies.
Elections in Nicaragua Confirm Continuity
Nov-8-16 | According to Fitch Ratings the reelection of Daniel Ortega as president of Nicaragua means stability in the country's economic policies.
Political and Economic Continuity in Nicaragua
Oct-28-16 | The vast majority of nicaraguans intend to vote for the re-election of the current President, Daniel Ortega, which would ensure the continuity of the current policies used to run the country.
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