Mining Royalties in Panama
Mar-6-12 | As gold becomes an important export item, royalties paid by mining companies remain low.
Minera Panamá Seeks $5,000 million
Aug-11-11 | The company, a subsidiary of the Inmet Mining Corporation, requires local and international capital in order to develop the mining project.
Minera Panama Will Only Pay 2% Royalty
May-17-11 | The Canadian company Minera Panama, SA announced that it will only pay a 2% royalty on profits to the Panamanian State.
Inmet's Minera Panamá to Invest $25 Million in 2011
Apr-6-11 | Minera Panamá, a subsidiary of Inmet Mining Co., is to invest $25 million this year in infrastructure projects and environmental management.
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