Costa Rican Exports to China Rebound
Mar-18-19 | Although exports have tripled in the last three years, mainly because of increased sales of medical equipment, sugar, ethyl alcohol and meat, the business sector's expectations are not as optimistic.
Chinese Seek Business in Guatemala
Sep-3-18 | From September 6 to 9, about 50 businessmen from China will be meeting with Guatemalan industrial companies to explore business opportunities.
Palm Oil: Record Export Figures
May-9-18 | Explained by sales to the Netherlands, last year Central America exported $1.344 billion worth of palm oil and its fractions, 74% more than in 2016.
Guatemala: How to Export More to Taiwan
Jun-9-17 | In the last five years, exports to the Asian country grew by 22%, led by products such as sugar, confectionery, coffee, tea and spices.
Costa Rica Opens Trade Office in South Korea
Oct-13-16 | The new site will operate in Seoul on the same premises currently occupied by the Embassy of Costa Rica in China.
Coffee Consumption Rising in South Korea
Aug-23-16 | In 2015, the number of shops offering gourmet coffee grew by 10% and the sales volume increased by 6%.
New Food Rules in South Korea
Apr-20-16 | From December 2016 the Asian country will prevent the entry of agricultural products containing any residues of agrochemicals.
Costa Rica Opens Trade Office in Qatar
Mar-4-16 | Opportunities in the Arab country have been announced for chutneys, organic coffee, pastries, organic tuna, dried fruits, plants, flowers and foliage.
Consumption of Value-Added Textiles in Japan
Mar-2-16 | High potential for online shopping in China has brought up opportunities for segments such as bathing suits, where 60% are imported products.
Better Logistics for Trade with Asia
Jan-11-16 | The arrival of the first ships with capacity of 13 TEUs at the Panamanian port of Balboa is evidence of how shipping services are changing, a prelude to the opening of the expanded Canal.
Taiwan Prohibits Use of Saturated Fats
Sep-9-15 | Food manufacturers have a period of three years to comply with the rule requiring the elimination of artificial saturated fats from processed foods.
Costa Rica: Distribution Issues in China
Sep-7-15 | Creating collection and distribution centers for exporting Costa Rican products is one of the proposals put forward to take advantage of the commercial potential of China.
Commercial Promotion of Costa Rica in Shanghai
May-27-15 | The Foreging Trade Promotion Office has opened a trade promotion office in Shanghai in order to increase the presence of local products and services in China.
Philippine Banana Exports Increase
Dec-10-14 | The increase in sales of fruit, mostly to Asia, has been attributed to a combination of an increase in the export volume and a price hike.
Guatemala: Non-Traditional Exports Growing
Nov-7-14 | Processed foods, fuels, pharmaceuticals and chemicals are some of the nontraditional exports which grew by 7% in the first nine months of the year compared with the same period in 2013.
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