Laws on Formalities and Free Trade Zones Approved
Jun-2-21 | In Guatemala were published in the Diario de Centroamerica the sanctions of the laws for the Simplification of Administrative Requirements and Procedures and Free Zones, regulatory frameworks that aim to encourage investments and job creation.
ZLC Law: Good but Not Enough
May-10-21 | After the announcement of the Bill that creates the Program for the Modernization of the Logistics Services Infrastructure in the Colon Free Zone in Panama, local businessmen believe that more attractive incentives should be sought.
Economic Development Zone Begins Operations
Nov-30-20 | In Guatemala, the "Puerta del Istmo", a Special Public Economic Development Zone located in Pajapita, department of San Marcos, began operating.
Free Zones: New Project in Costa Rica
Jun-17-20 | Portafolio Inmobiliario announced that it will begin the development of the Green Valley Free Trade Zone project, which in its first stage contemplates the construction of a Free Trade Zone located in the municipality of Grecia, province of Alajuela.
Activity in the Colon Free Zone Falls 10% in 2019
Feb-26-20 | Last year the commercial activity of the Panamanian Free Zone totaled $18,469 million, 10% less than what was reported in 2018.
Honduras: Reform to the Free Zones Law
Dec-4-19 | With the reform proposal to the Law of Free Zones presented to Congress, it is intended to reduce from 20 to 10 the requirements that must be met to approve a new free zone.
Free Trade Zones: More Companies and Industrial Parks
Oct-4-19 | In the Dominican Republic, approvals were granted for the development and operation of four new industrial parks, as well as the respective permits to install 12 new companies in free trade zones.
Red Numbers Still in Colon Free Zone
Sep-26-19 | In the first seven months of 2019, the commercial activity of the Panamanian Free Trade Zone totaled $10.782 million, 14% less than in the same period of 2018.
Free Zone Law Reforms in Honduras
Sep-13-19 | The business sector and executive authorities are working on a proposal for reforms to the Law of Free Zones of Puerto Cortés, a project that aims to expand existing incentives for this regime.
Pressure to Implement Single Window
Aug-13-19 | Five months after the regulations for the creation of the Single Window of Procedures for the Colon Free Zone were approved in Panama, businessmen are asking for their implementation to be accelerated.
Single Window for Companies in Free Trade Zones
Aug-6-19 | The Dominican Republic's free trade zones guild promises to reduce response times with the implementation of the Single Window for Foreign Trade of the General Directorate of Customs.
Economic Development Zones: Projects Move Forward
Jul-9-19 | Puerta del Istmo, Centro Logístico Quetzal and ZDEEP Piedras Negras, are the projects advancing in Guatemala in the process of becoming Zones of Special Public Economic Development.
Proposals for Special Economic Zones Law
Jul-8-19 | In El Salvador, it is proposed that the law discussed in the Assembly, considers the reduction of minimum requirements for investments made in special economic zones, to compensate for the disadvantages of lack of productive activity in the area.
Manufacturing and its Different Realities
Jul-8-19 | High operating costs and the contraction of internal consumption are some of the reasons why in Costa Rica manufacturing companies under definitive regime report a decrease in their production, a situation that contrasts with the dynamism of companies in free trade zones.
What Threats Are Facing Industrial Parks?
Jul-4-19 | Although in Costa Rica the level of unemployment of buildings in industrial parks is 8%, some precincts are facing threats, since companies could leave them because of the traffic congestion in the area where they are located and the travel time of employees.
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