Laws on Formalities and Free Trade Zones Approved
Jun-2-21 | In Guatemala were published in the Diario de Centroamerica the sanctions of the laws for the Simplification of Administrative Requirements and Procedures and Free Zones, regulatory frameworks that aim to encourage investments and job creation.
Tax: Setback for Local Authorities
Apr-16-21 | After in Costa Rica the mayor of Alajuela filed an action of unconstitutionality to revert the authentic interpretation approved by the deputies for the payment of real estate taxes applicable to free zones, the Chamber ruled negatively to the legal recourse filed.
New Government and its Bills
Jan-16-20 | The initiatives of Competition, Leasing and the reforms to the General Law of Telecoms are some of the projects that the new administration of Giammattei plans to present to the Congress of Guatemala.
Agribusiness: Plans to Attract Foreign Investment
Oct-7-19 | In Panama, a bill is planned to convert the provinces of Los Santos and Herrera into a Special Economic Zone, which will offer tax and labor incentives to companies in the agricultural sector that decide to invest in the area.
Free Zone Law Reforms in Honduras
Sep-13-19 | The business sector and executive authorities are working on a proposal for reforms to the Law of Free Zones of Puerto Cortés, a project that aims to expand existing incentives for this regime.
Incentives That Work
Mar-25-19 | In Guatemala, five private projects to build economic development zones are already in the process of being processed, only two months after the regulation defining the fiscal benefits to develop them came into force.
Tax Benefits for Companies in Special Zones
Feb-5-19 | The regulation for Special Public Economic Development Zones, which came into effect in Guatemala on February 4, establishes fiscal incentives for companies operating under this scheme.
Free Trade Zones at risk?
Dec-19-18 | Since the free trade zones law was amended, almost 100 companies have closed in Guatemala in the last two years, and by 2019 the figure is expected to keep growing if the regulatory framework is not modified.
Free zones: Reforms Stagnate
Sep-20-18 | Two years after having been presented at the Guatemalan Congress, the initiative to reform the Free Zones Law is still awaiting approval.
Investments in Free Zones On Hold
Mar-2-18 | In Guatemala, reform of the Free Zones Law has been in place for two years, and as a result, several companies have withdrawn, while others are still waiting for the tax benefits to be restored before making any more investments.
Drop in Costs at Salvadoran Customs Offices
Jan-5-18 | With the modification of the Free Zones Law, it will now be possible to accumulate up to 25 samples which do not have a commercial value in a single declaration.
Update on Free Zones in Costa Rica
Aug-18-16 | In 2015 331 active companies were registered, of which 52% are devoted to services, 45% to manufacturing and the remaining 2% to the food industry.
Guatemala: Free Zone Companies Still Closing Down
Aug-8-16 | The formal closure of 15 companies in free zones has been reported from October 2015 to date and sixty other users have already suspended their operations.
Guatemala: Free Zones Situation Gets More Complicated
May-27-16 | It has been reported that one of the 17 free zones operating in the country has started the process of closing its operations entirely due to the legal uncertainty generated by the emergent employment law.
Nicaragua: New Law on Free Zones
Oct-9-15 | The new legislation extends the tax benefits enjoyed at current export processing zones, to free trade zones in other sectors such as logistics, outsourcing and agricultural exports.
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