Tender for Government Building Construction
Jul-30-21 | The Banco de Fomento Agropecuario requires the construction of a building to function as an annex archive of the institution.
Big Data Models Most Used in Business
Jul-12-21 | Any data model in Big Data must be designed and developed to meet the needs of the business, and for this, it is necessary to know the objectives and goals of the organization, so that it effectively has the necessary functionalities to facilitate the decision-making process in the company.
Nicaragua: Harassment of Businessmen Continues
Jun-17-21 | Arguing that there are indications that businessmen have attempted against the Nicaraguan society and the rights of the people, local authorities ordered to lift the bank and tax secrecy of former Funides executives.
Uncertainty Due to Wave of Arrests
Jun-16-21 | In Nicaragua, following the arrests of political and business leaders, uncertainty has increased after local authorities arrested Luis Alberto Rivas Anduray, Executive President of Banpro.
Release of Political Prisoners Demanded
Jun-9-21 | In Nicaragua, following the arrest of four presidential pre-candidates and the detention of business leader Jose Adan Aguerri, the productive sector demands the release of political prisoners and advocates for the government to commit itself to grant all democratic guarantees.
Electoral Process Is Losing Democratic Viability
Jun-7-21 | After the arrest of presidential pre-candidates Cristiana Chamorro and Arturo Cruz in Nicaragua, the business sector questions the "democratic viability of a free, fair, competitive and transparent electoral process".
Mortal Blow to the Electoral System
Jun-2-21 | After an arrest warrant was issued against Cristiana Chamorro Barrios, independent presidential pre-candidate in Nicaragua, the business sector believes that it is "evidence of the government's unwillingness to carry out free, fair, transparent, competitive and supervised elections."
Blow to Democracy Reported
May-3-21 | After the dismissal of the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber and the Attorney General in El Salvador, the business sector affirms that these are "facts that consolidate an attack against democracy and threaten the liberties of Salvadorans".
Goodbye Aupsa, Hello APA
Mar-31-21 | The Panamanian president approved the bill that creates the Agencia Panamena de Alimentos (Panamanian Food Agency) and repeals Decree Law 11 of 2006, which created the Panamanian Food Safety Authority.
Bukele is Gaining Ground: What's in Store for El Salvador?
Mar-1-21 | After Nuevas Ideas, the party led by president Nayib Bukele, achieved a convincing victory that would allow it to have a qualified majority in the Assembly, the country will face a scenario in which this political group would have enough power to make transcendental decisions.
Government: Lights, Shadows and Challenges
Jan-14-21 | The agile execution of economic stimulus programs, the considerable increase in public debt and the need to accelerate the process of economic reactivation are the lights, shadows and challenges identified a year after Alejandro Giammattei took office as president of Guatemala.
S&P Downgrades Panama's Risk Rating
Nov-25-20 | Arguing that due to the pandemic the current revenues of the General Government have been significantly reduced, Standard and Poor's downgraded Panama's sovereign rating from BBB+ to BBB.
Political Crisis in Guatemala, Once again
Nov-23-20 | The fire of the Legislative Palace and the capture of more than 30 people, is the balance of the violent demonstrations that took place on November 21 in the capital of the country, after a discontent was generated due to the approval of the National Budget 2021.
Blockages and Ungovernability: Diverging Positions
Oct-19-20 | After the UCCAEP in Costa Rica began to negotiate the lifting of the blockades with the self-proclaimed group Rescate Nacional, promoter of the protests, several business chambers distanced themselves from that decision and others have expressed their support.
Lack of Leadership and Ungovernability
Oct-16-20 | Faced with increasing chaos in Costa Rica due to demonstrations and blockades, a part of the business sector decided, unilaterally, to negotiate with representatives of the movement that incites to protest, and to reject the official call by the President of the Republic.
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