Bill Could Modify Bank Secrecy in Costa Rica
Nov-17-10 | If the project is successful, fiscal authorities will have access to taxpayer’s bank account information.
Less Government More Market
Oct-4-10 | Costa Rica is beginning to suffer the consequences of a Keynesian policy applied by the government to lessen the effects of the economic crisis.
The Deterioration in Costa Rica's Finances
Jun-22-09 | The fiscal deficit is pushing interest rates up, and the Treasury Minister announced a resolution to create a new tax that will generate additional income.
It’s Not Money That’s Missing
Jun-12-09 | As in Panama, there are hundreds of millions of untapped dollars in loans that were obtained to prevent illiquidity in the Costa Rican banking system.
Costa Rica Could Lose $850 million in Loans
May-26-09 | IDB loans in that amount for road infrastructure have not been implemented and are at risk.
Tax Collection Decreases by 4.5% in Costa Rica
Apr-17-09 | The 15.2% decrease in customs tax collection for the month of March was the most influential in the outcome of the first quarter of 2009.
$115 Million for Customs in Costa Rica
Apr-17-09 | The first contract for $15 million was signed for the construction of the Customs Office in Peñas Blancas to be inaugurated in late 2009.
End of Banking Secrecy in Tax Matters?
Apr-8-09 | Costa Rica will make modifications in its legal system to avoid the penalties proposed by the G20 for countries that do not exchange information on taxes.
Costa Rica Cuts Growth Outlook to 0.5%
Mar-26-09 | The Government of Costa Rica announced that the economy will grow between 0% and 0.5% in 2009
Central America to Harmonize Public Statistics
Mar-17-09 | The "Harmonization of Government Public Finance Statistics Project” which will seek to produce comparable fiscal data was begun.
First Framework Agreement for Public Sector Purchases in Costa Rica
Mar-11-09 | It is estimated that it will save 76% in administrative costs and between 5% and 15% in prices.
US$150m of Costa Rican bonds bought by China
Feb-17-09 | As a sign of the excellent relations between the two countries, China bought a second batch of bonds of Costa Rica's internal debt for US$150 million.
BM Will Contribute $3 Billion to Central America
Feb-13-09 | To address the economic crisis that affects the region, the World Bank will contribute $3 billion this year.
No tax reduction in Costa Rica
Dec-30-08 | Guillermo Zuniga, Minister of Finance, has ruled out lowering taxes as a way of stimulating internal production, as this would increase the fiscal deficit.
IDB approves $500 million for Costa Rica
Dec-19-08 | The funds will be used to deal with the possible lack of liquidity next year due to the international financial crisis.
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