Walmart Vs. Soriana: Consumer Foot traffic Analysis
Aug-27-21 | Mobility data analytics are transforming the way commercial strategies are defined in the retail business, and supermarket chains are no exception.
Data Monetization: What Every Company Should Know
Aug-24-21 | The process of data monetization, a concept that until recently was present only in conversations between technology experts, is now one of the recurring topics in strategic meetings at the management level in companies.
Industrial Location and Big Data
Jul-27-21 | Location choice has become a critical point in the success or failure of any industry, as it has a great impact on the company's overall risk, as well as on transportation, logistics, salaries, rents and raw materials costs, among others.
Geospatial Data to Optimize Supply Chains
Jul-8-21 | Through geospatial data analysis techniques, CentralAmericaData carried out an analysis of five Walmart distribution centers in Florida, United States, with the aim of identifying patterns in the supply chains of these five centers and their relationships with commercial establishments and other logistics complexes in the State.
Rice: $15 Million Investment in Industrial Plant
Jun-25-21 | In Panama, the company Agrosilos S.A., invests in the expansion of its facilities located in the district of Chepo, the works include the construction of three new silos that will be used to store rice.
Industrial Real Estate: Leasable Area Up 5%
Jun-22-21 | Between the first quarter of 2020 and the same period of 2021, the total leasable area in Panama City increased by 4.79%.
Nextil Group to Move Two Factories to Guatemala
Jun-21-21 | In order to reduce costs and take advantage of the country's geographical location, executives of the clothing manufacturing company confirmed that they will move two plants currently located in the US and Spain to Guatemala.
Incentives Law for Recycling Industry
Jun-14-21 | On June 8, Law 223 was published in Panama's Official Gazette, a legal framework that establishes environmental tax exemptions for the recycling industry; these incentives will take effect as of 2022.
Bamboo: New Industrial Plant in Guatemala
May-31-21 | In the coming weeks, a 1,750 square meter industrial plant will be inaugurated, a complex in which 50,000 bamboo poles will be treated and processed per year.
$250 Million in Investments in Industrial Construction
May-10-21 | During 2020, 32 environmental impact studies were presented in Central American countries to build and expand industrial plants, with Costa Rica accounting for 69% of the estimated investment.
ZLC Law: Good but Not Enough
May-10-21 | After the announcement of the Bill that creates the Program for the Modernization of the Logistics Services Infrastructure in the Colon Free Zone in Panama, local businessmen believe that more attractive incentives should be sought.
Increase in Raw Materials Costs: Which Sectors Will Be Affected?
Apr-20-21 | Salvadoran businessmen expect that at a local level the food, plastics and textile sectors will be the most affected by the increase in the prices of some raw materials and the prices of maritime freight.
Tax: Setback for Local Authorities
Apr-16-21 | After in Costa Rica the mayor of Alajuela filed an action of unconstitutionality to revert the authentic interpretation approved by the deputies for the payment of real estate taxes applicable to free zones, the Chamber ruled negatively to the legal recourse filed.
Industry: Opportunities in Global Value Chains
Apr-13-21 | In Costa Rica, of the total number of exporters whose majority of shipments are in the metal-mechanics, electrical and electronics or plastics sectors, 25% meet a profile of potential participation in global value chains.
Manufacturing Industry, Costs and Production
Apr-5-21 | In Costa Rica, since July 2020 the producer price index for the manufacturing sector started to report increases, a situation that could lead to a rise in sales prices and simultaneously to a fall in the quantity of products traded.
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