CentralAmericaData has Become PREDIK Data-Driven
Jan-4-22 | In order to bring our operations, processes and services under one single brand name, we have decided to transform CentralAmericaData and definitively integrate it into our global brand, PREDIK Data-Driven.
Top 5 Benefits from implementing heat maps in businesses
Nov-22-21 | The heat map is one of the most useful and powerful data analysis tools in business intelligence. It provides a visualization feature that presents multiple pieces of data in a way that makes immediate sense by assigning a different size and color.
Cell Phones: Regional Purchases Increase 38%
Nov-9-21 | In the second quarter of 2021, Guatemalan purchases remained at $223.7 million, the main supplier was China with 38.2%.
Big Data for Fraud Prevention
Sep-6-21 | Big data analytics is an effective solution for identifying behavioral patterns and establishing strategies to help detect and prevent fraud in various business sectors.
Which is your company Data Maturity level?
Sep-2-21 | Data has proven to be a competitive differentiator in different business sectors. The performance of any organization is highly correlated to the maturity of its data, so it's important to know in which level you are in this process.
How to Boost Sales with Artificial Intelligence
Aug-24-21 | New data management methodologies now allow retailers to take advantage of even the smallest piece of information to generate valuable insights that help optimize their marketing and customer loyalty strategies.
Data Monetization: What Every Company Should Know
Aug-24-21 | The process of data monetization, a concept that until recently was present only in conversations between technology experts, is now one of the recurring topics in strategic meetings at the management level in companies.
Artificial Intelligence: How Does It Help to Optimize Costs?
Aug-18-21 | Artificial intelligence is the main driver of the change that companies are beginning to experience, which are already optimizing their business decision-making processes and strategies with algorithmic and predictive models.
How to Increase Foot Traffic in stores?
Aug-13-21 | In the digital age, location intelligence and foot traffic analytics based on mobility data are changing the retail business, giving many retailers an edge over their competitors.
Tender for Technical Support in Honduras
Aug-9-21 | The National Commission of Banks and Insurance of Honduras tenders the renewal of Technical Support of TeamMate Solution for 150 Users and Migration to TeamMate+ for one year.
Private Security Services and Monitoring Center
Jul-5-21 | In Tegucigalpa, Honduras tenders for 106 private security guards and 220 video surveillance cameras for the Hospital Escuela, Peripheral Emergency Clinics and Mobile Hospital.
Big Data to Infer Relationships between Companies
Jul-1-21 | By analyzing the large volumes of anonymous data generated by mobile devices, it is possible to establish whether a distribution center has a commercial relationship with other logistics complexes, and even with establishments that serve the end consumer.
Big Data: How Many Visits Receives My Store Vs. the Competition?
Jun-23-21 | Analyzing the number of consumers who visit the establishments of any retail company, establishing the days and hours of greatest affluence and comparing it with competing sales points, is possible with Big Data techniques that allow the collection and analysis of large volumes of mobility data.
Agriculture: Solutions Based on Satellite Imagery
May-28-21 | Through information solutions based on the use of satellite photos, the application of classification models and the implementation of machine learning algorithms, it is possible to optimize the management of large plantations and minimize the risks faced by crops that affect profitability per hectare planted.
Telephone Services: Concession in Panama
May-12-21 | The Ministry of Government and Justice will concession the equipment, administration and maintenance of the telephony and signal blocking service for the La Nueva Joya penitentiary center for a 48-month period.
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