Foot traffic analytics in Madrid
Dec-17-21 | Heat maps are used by any business sector to identify foot traffic and vehicular mobility patterns in an area or point of interest, as their visualization presents multiple pieces of data in a way that makes immediate sense.
Location analytics: Starbucks Coffee Vs. Dunkin’ Donuts
Nov-8-21 | Coffee shop owners need to apply location intelligence techniques and foot traffic analytics to identify consumer mobility patterns, in order to maximize sales and generate more efficient expansion models.
POI Data: How does it Benefit Businesses?
Oct-12-21 | Location intelligence is revolutionizing the way companies establish, operate and expand their business.
Apartment Tower in Costa Rica
Sep-14-21 | In Costa Rica, the construction of a tower with apartments and commercial space on the first level is foreseen; it will have rooftop amenities, green areas, and parking space.
$3 Million in Residential Construction Planned
Jul-7-21 | In Guatemala, a building with eighteen stories for eighty-five apartments will be built, with a construction of ten thousand square meters.
New Corporate Center in Costa Rica
Mar-5-19 | The first of the five buildings that will form part of the La Lima Corporate Center was launched in Cartago, which will require a global investment of close to $98 million.
Lack of Water Infrastructure
Mar-12-18 | In Panama, growth in water consumption is putting pressure on reservoirs and forcing the design of new alternatives for improving infrastructure, starting with the creation of new reservoirs.
Meeting of Entrepreneurs in Guatemala
Aug-5-16 | The ENADE 2016 event will be held on October 6 and will have as its central theme the promotion of economic development in non-urban areas.
Guatemala: $87 million for Electricity
Jul-1-16 | With funding from two international banks, Transportadora de Energía de Centroamérica will develop the Transmission Expansion Plan 1-2009.
Costa Rica: Land Registration Procedures Accelerated
Mar-2-16 | Facilities have been enabled to approve cadastral plans digitally without requiring the physical presence of surveyors and property owners at the offices of the National Registry.
Guatemala: Prison Projects for $64 million
Jan-28-16 | A project to build prisons in Jutiapa, Guatemala, Santa Rosa and Escuintla is waiting for congressional approval and budget allocation.
Between $7.1 and $7.4 million for Residential Buildings
Jan-27-16 | The companies A & D Design, Grupo Bebasa and the Consortium RODASA-NYR Villa Olga presented bids in Panama to build the apartment building Viviendas Barraza.
Panama: $160 million Hospital Work Resumed
Jan-26-16 | After four years of stagnation and with the works only 25% complete, the construction of the Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital in the province of Colon has been reactivated.
Awards: Construction of Aircraft Platforms
Jan-26-16 | The Consortium TRANSEQ La Estrella will carry out the work at Tocumen International Airport in Panama for $7.8 million.
El Salvador: $59 Million for Water Treatment Plant
Jan-22-16 | Congress has approved a loan from the French government to finance the construction of the water treatment plant in Las Pavas.
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