$20 Million in Commercial Expansion
Oct-19-21 | The real estate company in charge of Oakland Mall will begin phase three of the expansion, which will have five levels and basements for different areas.
$8 Million for Collection Agency
Oct-19-21 | In Panama, the construction of an agency is required to collect payments for the potable water service, installation of pipelines and distribution of the resource.
How to Maximize Revenue and Visits in Shopping Centers?
Oct-18-21 | Analytics based on Big Data allows mall operators to maximize revenues and visits by better selecting tenants, optimizing mall design, determining rents, establishing signage and advertising campaigns, etc.
Prison Facility and Equipment Maintenance
Oct-18-21 | The Ilama Santa Barbara penitentiary center requires repairs to its facility and maintenance of equipment such as X-ray scanners.
$10 Million for Parking Lot Building
Oct-18-21 | The University of Panama tenders the construction of a building with basement and six levels for 411 parking spaces at the Octavio Méndez Pereira Campus.
Stanza Tower
Oct-13-21 | In Honduras, the construction of a vertical tower for 65 apartments and 04 pent-house, with different amenities for residents, is planned.
Cityzen Multi-Purpose Complex
Oct-13-21 | A multi-purpose project is to be built in Costa Rica that will include a hotel, commercial premises, offices and apartments.
$34 Million in Railway System
Oct-12-21 | Panama's government tender’s professional services for the integral railway system for the Panama Metro Line 1 extension to Villa Zaita.
$9 Million in Construction Materials
Oct-12-21 | The Dominican Republic government tenders different construction materials for the Rapid Action brigades that will repair houses.
How to use POI analytics to understand commercial areas?
Oct-12-21 | Location intelligence and POI characterization through Big Data are increasingly being used to make business decisions in the retail, real estate, logistics, and port sectors, among others.
96 MW Thermoelectric Power Plant
Oct-7-21 | Tender for 60 MW thermoelectric power production plant in Panama
Residential Development Planned in Costa Rica
Oct-7-21 | In Heredia, the construction of a vertical tower for commercial premises, apartments and social areas is foreseen.
Steel Sheets: Honduras, Main Importer in 2020
Sep-28-21 | For 2020, Honduras was the largest importer of iron and steel sheets in the Central American region with $198 million, it is noted that the main seller was China with 46.15% of the market, equivalent to $330.5 million, being the country with the highest growth in sales.
How does Data Analytics improve Outdoor Advertising?
Sep-28-21 | Location intelligence and mobility analytics allow companies to create Out-of-Home advertising strategies focused 100% on the tastes and preferences of the people who pass through each point.
$80 Million in Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal
Sep-27-21 | Panama is planning the construction and expansion of a liquefied natural gas terminal in an area of eleven thousand square meters in the Port of Cristobal, Telfers Island.
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