Are Predictive Models Useful in Business?
Jul-19-21 | More and more companies are turning to predictive analytics to optimize their processes, achieve better business results and increase their market share.
More Confidence to Invest = Less Migration
Jun-9-21 | Following the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris to Guatemala, the business sector assures that in order to reduce illegal migration from Central America to the US, it is necessary to create a favorable and comfortable environment for local and foreign investment in the countries of the region.
Political Climate, Pessimism and Investment Attraction
May-25-21 | Due to the dismissal of high ranking officials of the justice sector and the fact that President Bukele has strained his relationship with Washington, Salvadoran businessmen foresee an uncertain future for US investments that may come to the country.
Convenience Stores: More Competition in Costa Rica
May-24-21 | With the opening of its first store, which will be located in the La California neighborhood of the country's capital, a chain of stores named "Oli!" will begin to compete in the local market in June 2021.
Coffee Shops: New investment in Costa Rica
May-20-21 | The Starbucks chain opened to the public a store located in Multiplaza Escazú, the new establishment has the capacity to receive 99 customers and required an investment of approximately $750 thousand.
Agreement for Regional Public Debt Market
May-19-21 | CABEI signed a memorandum of understanding with other Central American organizations to strengthen the development of the regional public debt market.
Dairy: Dos Pinos Borrows $19 Million
May-13-21 | The German Development and Investment Bank will grant a $19 million loan to Cooperativa de Productores de Leche Dos Pinos R.L., part of which will be invested in modernizing and expanding two production plants.
Costa Rica: $500 Million to Finance Public Spending
May-6-21 | The Inter-American Development Bank approved two lines of credit totaling $500 million, resources that will be used by the Government to finance the public budget and policy reforms to ensure fiscal sustainability and maintain macroeconomic stability.
Supermarkets: New Stores in Costa Rica
Apr-28-21 | Between March and April, Walmart opened five new stores of the Palí format, located in Heredia, San José, Alajuela, Cartago and Guanacaste.
Law Threatens Stability of the Electricity Sector
Apr-28-21 | Empresa de Transmision Electrica de Panama warns that Bill 342, which was approved in the first debate in the Assembly, threatens the stability of the local electric sector by delaying and making it impossible for electric projects to enter into operation due to the lack of transmission lines.
Electricity: New Investments Announced
Apr-8-21 | In El Salvador during 2021, AES announced that it plans to invest between $60 and $75 million in the development of new solar energy projects and works in the distribution network.
Foreign Investment Attraction: Creation of ProPanama
Apr-7-21 | President Laurentino Cortizo sanctioned the law that creates the National Authority for the Attraction of Investments and Promotion of Exports of Panama, an institution whose objective is to attract foreign investment to the country.
Costa Rica: S&P Confirms Risk Rating
Mar-26-21 | The rating agency decided to maintain at "B" the long-term and short-term local and foreign currency sovereign credit rating, with a negative outlook indicating the risk of a downgrade in case the Assembly does not approve an Extended Fund Facility or other policy measures.
Panama Canal Rating Downgrade
Mar-22-21 | Due to the deterioration of fiscal indicators resulting from the severe economic impact of the pandemic, Moody's downgraded the Panama Canal Authority's senior unsecured debt rating from A1 to A2.
Cement: Investment in Production Plants
Mar-18-21 | In order to increase its production capacity in El Salvador by 58%, Holcim will invest $20 million in the reactivation of the Maya Plant and in improvements to the El Ronco Plant.
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