McDonald's Vs. Burger King: Foot traffic Analysis
Sep-10-21 | Location Analytics has changed the way marketing and commercial strategies are defined in the fast-food restaurant franchise business.
Analytics to understand customers' behavior patterns
Sep-10-21 | Customer behavior analysis it's important because it helps businesses to understand how users interact with a brand, now it can be done in a more objective and real way using Big Data management techniques
How to Use Transportation Analytics and its benefits
Sep-8-21 | Through data analytics it's possible to improve vehicle performance, reduce costs, improve processes, establish strategies, optimize routes and times, and foresee and identify problems, among others.
Foot Traffic Data Business Benefits
Sep-7-21 | Foot traffic data consists of spatial data (GIS), and is at the core of building intelligent strategies, transportation routes, processes and decision making in both public and private sectors.
Supply Chains Predictive Analytic benefits
Sep-3-21 | Unlike historical analytics, predictive supply chain analytics allows you to anticipate and prepare for the future, taking out the conjectures planning processes and improving decision making.
POI Analysis and Characterization
Sep-1-21 | Through location analytics, it's possible to identify a place of interest and establish its exact location, helping companies to understand what's happening around a specific place to make better strategic decisions.
Big Data to Estimate Competitors' Turnover and Revenue
Sep-1-21 | A competitive analysis begins by defining the target and its scope, exploiting different sets of structured and unstructured data available thanks to innovative tools that help to identify and measure competing brands and estimate their sales.
Vehicle Fleet Monitoring
Aug-11-21 | The Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados requires the service of monitoring the vehicle fleet in real time 24/7/365, by means of GPS devices connected to orbiting satellites that record speed, latitude, longitude, course and others on digitized maps.
Costa Rica: Main Banana Exporter in Central America in 2020
Aug-2-21 | In 2020, the main exporter of fresh or dried bananas in Central America was Costa Rica, with $1,083 million, followed by Guatemala, with $930 million, Honduras, with $531 million, Panama with $152 million and Nicaragua with $23 million.
Predictive Models and the Manufacturing Industry
Jul-30-21 | The manufacturing industry leverages these tools in real time in order to predict and prevent potential problems, thus maximizing the performance of operations and workforce in production plants by collecting, storing and organizing data generated by machines, devices and systems on the production floor.
What is Geo-Construction?
Jul-29-21 | Geospatial construction, or "geo-construction", uses data from a wide range of focal points, such as location, population and environment, to influence the design and construction of any infrastructure in order to save, time, money and reduce waste.
Industrial Location and Big Data
Jul-27-21 | Location choice has become a critical point in the success or failure of any industry, as it has a great impact on the company's overall risk, as well as on transportation, logistics, salaries, rents and raw materials costs, among others.
Big Data and the Last Mile Business
Jul-26-21 | The last mile is the journey of a product from the warehouse shelf to the back of a truck and the customer's door, thus being the final step in the operational process, when the package finally arrives at the consumer's door. In addition to being one of the keys to customer satisfaction, last mile delivery is the most problematic part of the shipping process.
Business: Geospatial Data Uses and Applications
Jul-22-21 | While an increasing number of companies are extracting value from the proprietary data they generate in business, few are doing so with the perspective of how location data and spatial analytics can improve their business processes and workflows.
What are Predictive Models and What are they Used for?
Jul-16-21 | Predictive models are statistical tools that use machine learning supported by Big Data mining to predict and forecast likely future outcomes with the help of historical and existing data by inputting multiple parameters.
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