Agriculture: Procedures for Foreign Employees
Sep-23-20 | In Costa Rica, the deadline for employers to regularize the immigration status of workers who come to the country to work in agricultural activities was extended until October 22.
Nicaragua: USA Suspends Issuance of Visas
May-16-18 | Due to the "unstable security conditions" that are affecting the country, the US Embassy reported that as of May 16 it will not process routine applications for nonimmigrant visas.
Guatemala Requires Visa for Venezuelans
Mar-20-18 | The government has modified the immigration status for people of Venezuelan origin with an ordinary passport, who will now be required to have a "consular visa".
Inexplicable Obstacle to Tourism
Aug-3-17 | A new measure imposed by Nicaraguan immigration authorities requires foreigners who intend to enter the country to file a "notice of entry" seven days in advance.
Migratory Regularization in Panama
Jun-8-16 | A new edict orders procedures which are very similar to the "melting pot" held under previous administrations, in order to regularize the status of undocumented immigrants.
Panama: Law Eliminating Melting Pot Halted
Feb-26-15 | The government has asked the Assembly to return to the first legislative body a bill which eliminates the immigration fairs and to start discussions to establish a migration code.
Honduras Buys Migration Control System
Feb-20-15 | An international call has been announced for the development and implementation of an immigration system and the issuance of passports, an event which will take place in March.
The Debate Over Foreign Workers
Feb-18-15 | "... Some of the professions reserved for national citizens are chemical engineering and petrochemicals, careers which are not offered by any university in Panama. "
Panama Changes its Immigration Policy
Sep-16-14 | An announcement has been made that the next round of issuance of residence permits to foreigners will be the last, in a change to the policy "aimed at strengthening borders to preventing the influx of illegal immigrants."
Visa Policy vs. Trade Agreements
Jun-24-13 | The policy of immigration control of the government of Costa Rica does not match the realities imposed by recently signed trade agreements.
Legal Status for Foreigners Resident for More Than a Year
Oct-2-12 | Panama is repeating the process of granting residence and work permits to foreigners who have resided in its territory for more than a year.
New Multinational Incentive Act Approved
Aug-2-12 | Migratory and tax benefits have been Established for foreign staff of multinationals based in Panama.
Foreigners Immigration Status Regularized in Panama
Jun-27-12 | In the ninth round of “Crisol de Razas” (Race Melting Pot) organized by the National Immigration Service (NMS) some 5,300 foreigners have had their immigration status regularized.
Costa Rica Issues Migration Regulations
Jun-1-12 | The General Migration and Foreign Affairs Office issued new regulations and guidelines for entry visas.
Trump Ocean Club's Reasons for Being in Panama
Aug-6-10 | Growth and economic stability, legal security, fiscal incentives, liberal immigration policies, the 2006-2008 real estate boom and the fact that hurricanes avoid it.
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