Mining Company: Legal Measures to Resume Operations
Jun-10-20 | Minera Panama filed a protection action, because since April 6 the Ministry of Health ordered the closure of the Donoso mining project, for reporting an outbreak of covid-19 among the company's staff.
Optimism in the Mining Sector
Dec-3-18 | In Panama, activities related to mining are expected to increase by more than 10% in 2019, a growth that would be mainly due to copper extraction.
Problems in Mining Project
Mar-14-18 | The protests which since the beginning of the year have been held by workers in the Cobre Panama project in Colón have paralyzed work on the power line and the 300 MW thermoelectric plant.
Minera Panama's Concession Renewed
Aug-18-17 | The Varela administration has extended the concession authorizing Minera Panama to extract copper from the mine at Donoso, in the province of Colón for a further 20 years.
Minera Panama Could Double Electricity Generation
Jan-13-16 | The company has said it is not ruling out expanding the capacity of power generation at the coal-based plant from 300 MW to 600 MW.
Panama: Colón Port Starts Operations
Aug-26-15 | The terminal built by the concessionaire Minera Panama, in Punta Rincon, will initially be used for unloading construction materials for the Cobre Panama project.
Operations at Cobre Panama Mining Project Normalized
Jul-9-14 | The company Minera Panama has made an agreement to resume construction work at the mine after reaching an agreement with workers over working schedules.
Estimated Production of Cobre Panama Raised by 20%  
Jan-28-14 | First Quantum has announced that the copper mine will produce 20% more than originally estimated, but the start of operations will be delayed until 2017.
Consequences of Sale of Cobre Panama Mine
Dec-3-13 | The new owner of the Cobre Panama project has canceled contracts and reduced its workforce, affecting the economy of the Cocle zone.  
Panama: Veraguas Gold Mining Could Be Reactivated
Oct-25-13 | The approval of a draft contract-law in favor of Vera Gold Corp. would ensure an investment of more than $50 million in the former Santa Rosa mine.
Cessation of Mining Operations Affecting Cocle
Jul-9-13 | Hotels, car rental agencies, and businesses in general have been affected by the disruption of mining operations in the province of Cocle, Panama, since last April.
First Quantum Suspends Cobre Panama Mine Contracts
Apr-3-13 | Following the acquisition of Inmet Mining, the former owner of the mega mining project in Panama, First Quantum has suspended construction contracts with SNC-Lavalin, for $120 million.
First Quantum Acquires Control of Inmet Mining
Mar-21-13 | With an offer of $5.1 billion, the Canadian mining company has finally gained control of the Cobre Panama mining project.
Agreement Between Minera Panama and Petaquilla
Feb-27-13 | The two large mining projects in Panama have agreed on terms of cooperation, trade relations and dispute resolution.
Minera Panama to Have its Own Immigration Office
Feb-18-13 | The office of the National Immigration Service at Penonomé, Cocle, will address the requirements of the inhabitants of the area, giving priority to employees of the mining company.
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