Treasury Bonds: Plans for 2020
Jan-28-20 | For this year, the government of Guatemala plans to issue an amount equivalent to $2.392 million, which includes new issues and titles that will expire soon and will be awarded again.
Guatemala: New Taxes Coming Soon?
Aug-26-19 | The authorities that will assume the government in 2020 in Guatemala could evaluate options to tax temporarily some sectors, however, there would be a risk that these taxes become permanent.
Tax Information: Pending Matter Involved in Controversy
Aug-2-19 | Arguing that it does not comply with the standards on transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes, the OECD evaluated Guatemala negatively and recommended working on direct access to taxpayers' banking information.
Stock Market: Guatemala - El Salvador Union
Jul-30-19 | Authorities from both countries agreed to work on the unification of their stock markets, starting with the issuance of a quota of Guatemalan subsidized debt directed to Salvadoran investors.
Regulations for Collection in Development Areas
Jul-4-19 | In Guatemala, the regulations governing the tariffs to be applied to users, administrators and economic zones have come into force as part of the new legislation on Special Public Economic Development Zones.
Treasury Bonds: How Much Still to Be Awarded?
Jun-21-19 | For the rest of the year, the Guatemalan government plans to award Treasury Bonds for an amount equivalent to $136 million, which will be issued through an electronic system and physical title.
Banking Confidentiality and International Perception
Jun-19-19 | In its next evaluation, the OECD could lower Guatemala's rating, because in August last year access to bank information with a court order was suspended, which could lead to an increase in the credit price.
More Delays in Tender to Operate Oil Pipeline
Mar-14-19 | Because the Guatemalan authorities were not able to form the Tender Board, a new date will be set for the receipt of tenders for the operation and administration of the Stationary Hydrocarbon Transport System.
Guatemala's Fiscal Deficit: 2019 Forecasts
Nov-30-18 | Between 2014 and 2017, the fiscal deficit increased to an average of 1.4% of GDP, and for this year the authorities plan to end at 1.6% and in 2019 it could increase to 2.5%.
Guatemala: Public Debt Exceeds 23% of GDP
Oct-15-18 | Up to August, the external and internal public debt amounted to $18.463 billion, equivalent to 23.4% of the country's Gross Domestic Product.
Forestry: $8 million in Forest Incentives
May-7-18 | The first disbursement of $8 million has been made for forest recovery, restoration, management, production and protection in Guatemala.
Bonds for Small Investors
Apr-20-18 | After reducing the minimum amount for individual investors, the Guatemalan government has announced that between May and June it will begin with the issuance of $14 million.
More Debt Bonds for Small Investors
Jan-10-18 | The Morales administration intends to continue with the issuance in 2018 of Treasury bonds aimed at small investors, with investment amounts ranging from between $3 thousand and $68 thousand.
Guatemala: More Debt, But More Investment
Aug-9-17 | The Morales administration plans to increase indebtedness next year, but with the objective of generating a "shock" of growth in investment in public infrastructure.
Guatemala: Avoiding the "Gray List"
May-9-17 | The government is warning that if the agreement on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters is not ratified, the country is at risk of being included in the lists of non-cooperating countries.
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