Panama Sued for $2.3 billion
Apr-6-16 | Mining companies and spanish citizens are suing the Panamanian State arguing arbitrary and discriminatory measures imposed by the Martinelli Administration are detrimental to their investments.
Molejón Gold Mine Resurrected
Feb-12-16 | Diamante Minerals announced a gold stream agreement for the Molejon Gold Mine, located in the Donoso District, Colon Province of Panama.
Panama: Final End to Molejón Mining Concession
Nov-27-15 | The Supreme Court rejects appeal case presented by Petaquilla Minerals to reverse the cancellation of the concession to exploit the gold mine El Molejón.
Notice of Cancellation Given to Petaquilla Gold
Jan-22-15 | Petaquilla Gold has been granted 180 days to catch up with outstanding payments of royalties, fees to the Social Security Department and other payments.
Panama's Mining Potential
Dec-2-14 | Estimates are that there are $200 billion worth of metals in the Panamanian subsoil, with copper predominating.
Petaquilla Minerals' Financial Problems
Nov-7-14 | The Securities Commission of British Columbia in Canada, has issued a resolution barring the two top executives of Petaquilla from trading shares of the company until financial information is presented for the period ending July 2014.
Liquidity problems in Petaquilla Minerals
Oct-28-14 | The Ministry of Labor has retained office goods and the quarry belonging to Petaquilla Gold mining as part of measures to ensure the payment of wages of workers in the mine.
Panama: Mining Company Revitalizes Cocle Economy
Jun-21-13 | The area is seeing new banks, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers as well as a boom in housing construction and the renovation of transport systems.
Agreement Between Minera Panama and Petaquilla
Feb-27-13 | The two large mining projects in Panama have agreed on terms of cooperation, trade relations and dispute resolution.
Inmet Recognizes Failure of Petaquilla Purchase
Nov-6-12 | The hostile bid by Inmet Mining to acquire the mining company Petaquilla Gold did not have sufficient support from the shareholders of the latter.
Mining Land Dispute Goes to Arbitration
Oct-24-12 | The conflict between Minera Panamá and Petaquilla Gold over land for mineral extraction in Panama will have to go to international arbitration.
Royalties from Minera Panamá and Petaquilla Gold
Aug-20-12 | Although the law does not require them to, the two mining companies pay voluntarily royalties of 4% to the Panamanian State.
Mining Sludge Recycled into Building Materials
May-29-12 | Petaquilla Gold, the largest gold mine in Panama, has announced a plant for the manufacture of tiles, bricks and slates based on clay residues from the metal extraction process.
Gold and Silver Exports Worth $100 million
May-10-12 | Petaquilla Gold plans to increase its extraction of gold this year at its mines in Panama from 6,000 to 8,000 ounces.
Mining Royalties in Panama
Mar-6-12 | As gold becomes an important export item, royalties paid by mining companies remain low.
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