Tender for Vehicle Purchase in Honduras
Sep-6-21 | The institution Inversion Estrategica de Honduras (INVESTH) is tendering internationally with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), five double cab pick up with manual and automatic transmission.
Tender for Vehicles
Jul-14-21 | The Salvadoran Social Security Institute requires the acquisition of 73 vehicles, including minibus, panel, pick ups, vans and ambulances.
Tender for $3 Million for Police Patrols
Jul-1-21 | Panama's Ministry of Public Security tenders the supply of 56 pick up type vehicles, which must have police equipment, must be 4WD and with automatic transmission.
Vehicles: Which Brands Control the Market?
Jun-8-21 | During the first months of 2021, 20% of the automobile-type vehicles circulating on the streets of Central American countries were Honda, Mazda, Chevrolet and Ford brands, while of the total number of light-duty vehicles, Isuzu, Hyundai and Hino accounted for 10%.
Tender for Vehicles in Costa Rica
Jun-8-21 | Costa Rican Social Security Fund tenders the supply of pick up, microbus, ambulance and truck type vehicles.
Tender for Vehicles in El Salvador
Mar-17-21 | The Supreme Court of Justice tenders the supply of sedan type vehicles, pick up, motorcycles and units to be used as ambulances.
Cars in Panama: Sales Keep Improving
Nov-5-20 | After reporting the sale of only 96 vehicles in May, due to the quarantine decreed by the covid-19 outbreak, in July the figure rose to 1,112, in August to 1,398 and in September to 2,403 units.
Tenders for Different Types of Vehicles
Aug-5-20 | The Public Ministry of Guatemala tenders 380 pickups, 42 cars, 2 minibuses and a panel vehicle.
Vehicles: Purchase Plans in the Region
Jul-27-20 | In the region's countries, more than 21 million people are looking to buy a vehicle online, and of this group of consumers, approximately 7% explore options for purchasing an SUV.
Tender for $4 Million in Vehicles
Apr-24-20 | The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewerage tenders the supply of truck type vehicles, pick ups, motorcycles and mini loaders.
Vehicles: Post Quarantine Sales Outlook
Apr-22-20 | As the economies of Central America begin to relax the restrictions that have been taken to prevent the spread of covid-19, sales of pickup trucks are predicted to be among the most contracted.
Costa Rica: Tender for $3 Million in Vehicles
Mar-30-20 | The Supreme Court of Justice issued a tender for the supply of 89 vehicles to replace the institution's fleet of vehicles, under the modality of delivery of vehicles as part of payment.
Tender for Vehicles in Costa Rica
Mar-24-20 | The Costa Rican Institute on Drugs tenders the supply of double cab and SUV pick up vehicles.
Vehicles: Sales Start to Rise in 2020
Mar-4-20 | During the first month of the year, 3,487 luxury vehicles were sold in Panama, a figure 5% higher than that reported for the same period in 2019.
Vehicles: Business Fleets in Costa Rica
Jan-28-20 | It is estimated that the vehicles of Arrendadora CAFSA, Constructora Hernan Solis, Bimbo and Coca Cola, represent 3% of the total units registered in the name of large companies in the country.
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