Uncertainty Due to Wave of Arrests
Jun-16-21 | In Nicaragua, following the arrests of political and business leaders, uncertainty has increased after local authorities arrested Luis Alberto Rivas Anduray, Executive President of Banpro.
Release of Political Prisoners Demanded
Jun-9-21 | In Nicaragua, following the arrest of four presidential pre-candidates and the detention of business leader Jose Adan Aguerri, the productive sector demands the release of political prisoners and advocates for the government to commit itself to grant all democratic guarantees.
Electoral Process Is Losing Democratic Viability
Jun-7-21 | After the arrest of presidential pre-candidates Cristiana Chamorro and Arturo Cruz in Nicaragua, the business sector questions the "democratic viability of a free, fair, competitive and transparent electoral process".
Mortal Blow to the Electoral System
Jun-2-21 | After an arrest warrant was issued against Cristiana Chamorro Barrios, independent presidential pre-candidate in Nicaragua, the business sector believes that it is "evidence of the government's unwillingness to carry out free, fair, transparent, competitive and supervised elections."
New Northern Winds for Central America
Jan-20-21 | Strengthening trade between the US and the region, fighting corruption in the Northern Triangle and reducing illegal migration flows, are some of the axes on which Joe Biden, the US president who has been sworn in, is expected to focus.
The Cost of Political Instability
Nov-26-20 | More than two years ago, Convía won the contest to rehabilitate and operate the Escuintla-Puerto Quetzal highway in Guatemala. However, the Congress of the Republic, which is in chaos due to a new political crisis, has not yet defined whether to approve the PPP or not.
Geopolitics and the Future of Central America
Nov-5-20 | The next U.S. president is not yet known, but in the region it is expected that in an eventual new Trump administration, the focus will be on the recovery of the U.S. economy, while an eventual Biden administration would focus on countering corruption and illegal migration.
Blockages and Ungovernability: Diverging Positions
Oct-19-20 | After the UCCAEP in Costa Rica began to negotiate the lifting of the blockades with the self-proclaimed group Rescate Nacional, promoter of the protests, several business chambers distanced themselves from that decision and others have expressed their support.
Lack of Leadership and Ungovernability
Oct-16-20 | Faced with increasing chaos in Costa Rica due to demonstrations and blockades, a part of the business sector decided, unilaterally, to negotiate with representatives of the movement that incites to protest, and to reject the official call by the President of the Republic.
Politics vs. Development
Oct-30-19 | The Guatemalan Congress voted against the bill that granted a private company the concession to rehabilitate and operate the Escuintla-Puerto Quetzal Highway, which will require the presentation of a new bill to revive the road project.
Uncertainty for the Second Round of the Electoral Process
Aug-6-19 | On August 11, Guatemalans will go for the second time to the polls, in a climate of uncertainty, tension and roadblocks, because of dissatisfaction with the results of the first round of elections and the recent immigration agreement signed with the United States.
Uncertainty Due to Electoral Results
Jun-27-19 | Because of the problems associated with the transmission of the results to the computer system, eleven days after the presidential elections were held in Guatemala, the manual revision of the 105,000 physical records has begun.
Economic Development at Risk by Political Division
Jun-19-19 | For Fitch Ratings, the results of the General Elections in Guatemala put at risk the approval of reforms necessary for the development of the country, since the next legislature will be composed of deputies from 15 different political parties.
Torres and Giammattei in Second Round
Jun-17-19 | After the presidential candidates Sandra Torres and Alejandro Giammattei obtained 26% and 14% of the votes, respectively, they will have to go to a second electoral round on August 11 to define who will be the next president of the country.
Guatemala's Future at Stake
Jun-13-19 | Next June 16, Guatemalans will have to elect the new government that will assume in January 2020, which will have the challenge of implementing the policies needed to respond immediately to the most urgent demand of the population: the employment generation.
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