Nicaragua: $24 Million More for Reforestation
May-27-21 | The Central American Bank for Economic Integration approved a $24 million extension of an existing line of credit, funds that will be invested in the implementation of sustainable production models and forest management and reforestation.
Delay in Vaccination = Downgrading of Risk Ratings
May-26-21 | For Fitch, the delay in vaccination campaigns constitutes a latent risk of a prolonged pandemic, which would delay the recovery of the region's economies and would cause negative pressures on the risk ratings to be issued in the coming months.
Taxes: E-Commerce in the Authorities' Sights
May-19-21 | Within the framework of the fiscal adjustment being discussed in El Salvador in order to sign an agreement with the IMF, local authorities intend to apply VAT, ISR and other specific taxes to companies that sell their products and services online.
Agreement for Regional Public Debt Market
May-19-21 | CABEI signed a memorandum of understanding with other Central American organizations to strengthen the development of the regional public debt market.
Costa Rica: $500 Million to Finance Public Spending
May-6-21 | The Inter-American Development Bank approved two lines of credit totaling $500 million, resources that will be used by the Government to finance the public budget and policy reforms to ensure fiscal sustainability and maintain macroeconomic stability.
Costa Rica: S&P Confirms Risk Rating
Mar-26-21 | The rating agency decided to maintain at "B" the long-term and short-term local and foreign currency sovereign credit rating, with a negative outlook indicating the risk of a downgrade in case the Assembly does not approve an Extended Fund Facility or other policy measures.
Panama Canal Rating Downgrade
Mar-22-21 | Due to the deterioration of fiscal indicators resulting from the severe economic impact of the pandemic, Moody's downgraded the Panama Canal Authority's senior unsecured debt rating from A1 to A2.
Costa Rica: IMF Endorses $1.778 Billion Loan
Mar-2-21 | The financial resources that the IMF will lend to the Costa Rican government will be used to mitigate the fiscal crisis, strengthen monetary and financial stability, and boost economic recovery in the context of the pandemic crisis.
Debt Market: Plans in Costa Rica
Mar-1-21 | In addition to the $1,750 million that the government is seeking to obtain through the loan it is negotiating with the IMF, during the four years between 2022 and 2025 the country plans to place $4,000 million in foreign debt bonds.
Honduras: $150 Million for Housing
Feb-24-21 | The Central American Bank for Economic Integration approved a line of credit for the Honduran government to finance the Resilient Housing Reconstruction Program in the country.
Debt: Costa Rica Exchange of $130 Million in Debt
Feb-11-21 | During February 8 and 9, the Ministry of Finance was able to renegotiate close to $130 million corresponding to maturities of domestic debt securities for the years 2021 and 2022.
Risk Rating: Negative Outlook for El Salvador
Feb-8-21 | Moody's maintained the Salvadoran government's long-term and senior unsecured issuer rating at B3, but decided to change the outlook to negative, a downgrade that reflects persistent concerns about public debt sustainability.
Fitch Ratings: Negative Outlook for Panama
Feb-4-21 | Arguing that the pandemic has had a negative effect on the local economy and Panamanian public finances, Fitch Ratings downgraded the country's sovereign rating from BBB to BBB-.
Costa Rica Issues $325 Million in Debt
Feb-2-21 | During the auction held on February 1, 2021, the placement of domestic debt securities in local currency amounted to the equivalent of $210 million and in dollars to $115 million.
Fiscal Crisis: Less Spending and More Information
Jan-25-21 | Given the agreement reached by the Alvarado administration and the IMF for Costa Rica to access a $1.75 billion loan, the business sector is calling for a reduction in public spending and for detailed information on the scope of the agreement signed by both parties.
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