Location Intelligence to build smart cities
Mar-1-22 | Leveraging current and historical data on location movements allows urban planners to understand current challenges and build smart, flexible and efficient cities.
Location intelligence solutions for governments
Feb-15-22 | Government and municipal entities can leverage location intelligence to optimize strategic planning, improve the quality of public services and optimize their budgets.
Top 8 Big Data benefits for governments
Feb-15-22 | Analytics through big data management techniques allows governments to understand the needs of their citizens, combat fraud, minimize system errors and improve operations, reducing costs and improving the services of any government entity.
Tourism Grows During Challenges
Feb-7-20 | Although in 2019 the arrival of tourists to Costa Rica increased 4% compared to 2018, businessmen of the sector continue to face complex procedures to open a new business and the high costs of basic services.
How Much Does the Region Lose in Crime?
Jan-16-20 | Because of factors such as business closures and lack of opportunities, it is estimated that criminal activity costs Honduras and El Salvador 16% of GDP, and in the case of Guatemala, its losses could amount to 7% of its production.
Nicaragua: Cargo Theft Alert
Jan-13-20 | A raíz del robo de un contenedor que transportaba productos lácteos, la cámara del sector hizo un llamado a todos los gremios vinculados al comercio internacional y local, para que refuercen sus medidas de precaución.
Travelers Alert for Insecurity in Costa Rica
Jan-8-20 | The U.S. government decided to raise the security alert level for travel to the Central American country from 1 to 2, arguing that violent crimes are occurring that can affect tourists.
State of Siege Decree Affects Tourism
Oct-2-19 | The Guatemalan government's decision to extend until November the State of Siege in six departments and add municipalities of Sololá, generates concern among tourism businessmen.
Businessmen Attacked in Nicaragua
Sep-9-19 | After motorized paramilitaries attacked a group of businessmen with firearms on September 7, the productive sector asks the government to clarify the facts "in an objective and truthful manner.”
Request to Recover Territory Control
Sep-6-19 | After three soldiers were killed in Izabal, Guatemalan business sector asks the government to regain control of the territories where criminal groups dominate.
U.S. Issues Alert for Protests in Guatemala
Jan-14-19 | Within the framework of the political frictions generated by CICIG's withdrawal, the United States alerted its citizens to the protests and blockades that will take place on the country's highways.
El Salvador: $23 million Announced for Security
Sep-25-18 | The country's Assembly has agreed to prepare a reform of the Budget Law to use the resources in the Citizen Security Plan.
Insecurity, Still the Main Concern
Sep-11-18 | Entrepreneurs in El Salvador believe that the first measure that should be implemented by the government that will take office in 2019 is to regain control of territories dominated by gangs.
Business and Insecurity
Aug-27-18 | Citizen insecurity, political uncertainty and low levels of investment are the main factors that are still affecting the quality of life of the population and the business climate in El Salvador.
More Extortion, Fewer Companies
May-7-18 | In El Salvador every week at least two companies report that they intend to close down due to the impact of extortion, a problem that, far from being resolved, seems to be getting worse every year.
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