Tender for $189 Million in Radiological Equipment
Jul-25-22 | Panama's Social Security seeks to expand and decentralize diagnostic offerings by providing 62 hospitals with radiological equipment and technological system for a complete teleradiology service.
Tender for Technical Commercial Management Services
Jul-18-22 | The Dominican Republic is seeking to contract EDENORTE's technical commercial management services in five sectors, to provide services in the concession areas.
Tender for $68 Million for the Construction of a Health Institute
Jul-12-22 | Panama is required to build a Dr. Francisco Diaz Merida Workers' Health Institute, including furnishing and equipment, for proper operation.
Tender for Machinery for the Ministry of Defense of Guatemala
Jul-4-22 | In Guatemala the Army Corps of Engineers Lieutenant Colonel of Engineers and Engineer Francisco Vela Arango "TCIFVA" tenders the acquisition of long arm excavators for dredging.
Tender for $17 Million in Sports Areas
Jun-27-22 | The Instituto Panameno de Deportes is seeking to tender a master plan for several sports and cultural areas to be built in several stages in the province of Bocas del Toro.
Tender for the Design, Construction and Equipping of Hospitals
Jun-20-22 | The Ministry of Public Health of Guatemala, through an international bidding process, requires the supervision of the design, construction and equipment of the hospitals to be located in the departments of Mazatenango and Jutiapa.
Tender for $30 Million in Road Construction
Jun-13-22 | The tender includes construction of several road sections and vehicular bridges in different locations in the province of Cocle, Panama.
Tender for Medicines in May 2022
Jun-7-22 | More than 10 thousand results were observed during May 2022 in tenders under the heading "health and medicines", ranging from medical treatments to equipment and machinery used in the health sector.
Tender for $50 Million in Essential Medicines
Jun-6-22 | The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance requires the acquisition of 71 different medicines to be used in the High Cost Medicines and Medical Aids Program (PMAC), which will be carried out under the Exception Purchase mechanism.
Hospitals Tender $30 Million for Janitorial Services
May-30-22 | Three hospitals in Panama are tendering for cleaning, sanitation and disinfection services for equipment, furniture and facilities, as well as hospital waste management for a 24-month period.
Tender for $8 Million in Hospital Equipment
May-24-22 | The government of the Dominican Republic tenders through the National Health Service, various equipment for laboratory use in hospitals nationwide.
IT Services on Licenses and Technical Support
May-16-22 | The Government of Honduras is tendering technical support services for equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, virtually, by telephone or physical assistance, to diagnose and provide solutions to problems presented by the National Commission of Banks and Insurance.
Energy Sector: Tender for the Construction of an Electric Substation
May-9-22 | Construction of a fully equipped electrical substation in the Dominican Republic is being tendered, with an option to expand in the future.
Empresa Portuaria Nacional Tenders Rubber Fenders for Docks
May-3-22 | Empresa Portuaria Nacional Santo Tomás de Castilla - EMPORNAC - bids rubber fenders of different sizes to protect the docks located at berths one to four.
Guatemala: Tender for Leasing of Medical Equipment
Apr-26-22 | The Roosevelt Hospital requires leasing various hospital equipment for 365 days to continue providing service to the public.
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