Footwear: Guatemala Main Buyer 2020
Sep-2-21 | During 2020 Guatemala remained in the lead in regional imports with $51.5 million and the largest supplier of the year was China with 39.3%, in the year-on-year variation of Central America decreased by 14.76% by obtaining only $629.7 million compared to 2019 with $755.4 million.
Tender for 1,250 Uniforms
Jul-20-21 | The Health Regulation Agency of Honduras requires the purchase of uniforms for its collaborators, in order to cover the identification needs of the institution's staff and strengthen the Agency's institutional image.
Central American Footwear Market: Imports Down
Jul-19-21 | During 2020, all Central American markets decreased their footwear purchases.
Nextil Group to Move Two Factories to Guatemala
Jun-21-21 | In order to reduce costs and take advantage of the country's geographical location, executives of the clothing manufacturing company confirmed that they will move two plants currently located in the US and Spain to Guatemala.
Tender for $6 Million in School Shoes
Jun-3-21 | The Dominican Republic's National Student Welfare Institute bids for school shoes for the 2021-2022 cycle.
Tender for $6 Million in Vehicles and Clothing
May-21-21 | In the Dominican Republic, the National Police is bidding for the supply of 133 vehicles of different types and clothing for use by members of the institution.
Tender for Protective Equipment for Firefighters
May-14-21 | The Panama Fire Department is bidding for the supply of protective equipment for the operational personnel of the Exbures Directorate.
Tender for Footwear in El Salvador
Apr-22-21 | The Ministry of Government tenders the supply of footwear for the staff of the General Directorate of Civil Protection, Fire Department, General Directorate of the Post Office and other departments of the Ministry.
Central America: Mexican Footwear Gaining Ground
Apr-15-21 | In recent years, Mexican footwear has gained importance in terms of the amount purchased, since from January to September 2012 it represented 2% of total regional imports and for the same period in 2020 the proportion rose to 5%.
Clothing: Company Closes Operations in Nicaragua
Apr-14-21 | New Holland, a company engaged in the manufacture of clothing and which has been operating in the country for 15 years under the free trade zone regime, announced that it will close operations in the last days of May.
Footwear Manufacturing: Forecasts for Nicaragua
Apr-13-21 | produce between 8 and 9 million pairs of shoes, a figure that would double that reported in 2020 and generate revenues for companies of more than $120 million.
Children's Clothing: Trends in Central America
Mar-23-21 | During the first weeks of 2021, interest in children's clothing measured by online searches and mentions in conversations in the digital environment, increased in Panama and Guatemala, and decreased in the case of the other markets in the region.
Expansion Plans of Shoe Store Chain
Mar-12-21 | Besides betting on sales through digital channels, the Payless store chain plans to open two new stores in El Salvador.
Tender for $6 Million in Cloth Masks
Feb-1-21 | Costa Rica's National Risk Prevention Commission tenders the supply of 1.7 million cloth masks, to be used nationwide by students of the Ministry of Public Education.
Central America: Chinese Footwear Gains Ground
Jan-4-21 | In recent years Chinese footwear has become more important in terms of the amount purchased, since in the first half of 2012 they represented 27% of total regional imports and for the same period in 2020 the proportion rose to 39%.
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