Nextil Group to Move Two Factories to Guatemala
Jun-21-21 | In order to reduce costs and take advantage of the country's geographical location, executives of the clothing manufacturing company confirmed that they will move two plants currently located in the US and Spain to Guatemala.
Clothing: Company Closes Operations in Nicaragua
Apr-14-21 | New Holland, a company engaged in the manufacture of clothing and which has been operating in the country for 15 years under the free trade zone regime, announced that it will close operations in the last days of May.
Children's Clothing: Trends in Central America
Mar-23-21 | During the first weeks of 2021, interest in children's clothing measured by online searches and mentions in conversations in the digital environment, increased in Panama and Guatemala, and decreased in the case of the other markets in the region.
Textile Industry: $20 Million Investment Announced
Nov-27-20 | In Guatemala, a Korean business group plans to invest in the start-up of a fabric factory in the municipality of Villa Nueva.
Clothing: Guatemalan Company Expands to Mexico
Sep-22-20 | Under the brand of Tiendas Rechido, Corporación Megapaca opened its first store selling second-hand clothing in the city of Morelia, Michoacan.
Textile Sector: Less Income, Less Jobs
Sep-17-20 | After the impact caused by the covid-19 outbreak, Nicaraguan businessmen in the sector estimate that in the first seven months of the year the maquila industry have stopped exporting close to $300 million and have had to lay off some 6 thousand employees.
Fabrics: Factory Closes in Guatemala
Aug-28-20 | After 20 years of operation, Modas B.I. Apparel, a company specialized in the manufacture of clothing, decided to close its doors due to the economic crisis caused by the outbreak of covid-19.
Textile Industry with Subsistence Income
Aug-13-20 | Against the backdrop of an imbalance in trade and restrictions decreed in several markets around the world, Central American companies in the garment business are operating and generating export earnings at levels that merely allow them to subsist.
Guatemala: Textile Sector with Potential Return
Aug-4-20 | Before the process of reopening the economy, the garment and textile export sector operated with 15 thousand workers, but with the elimination of some restrictions, the activity of the companies increased and now employs 45 thousand people.
Textile Industry Seeks to Recover Lost Ground
Jul-21-20 | After the demand for clothing fell in the world's main markets due to the health crisis, Salvadoran entrepreneurs are confident that in the coming months it is possible to recover part of the sales initially projected for this year.
Textiles: $20 Million Investment in Manufacturing Plant
Jul-2-20 | Proquinal Costa Rica announced that it will reinvest $20 million in its coated fabric manufacturing plant, which is located in Spradling Free Zone Park in Coyol de Alajuela.
Clothing: Sales Forecasts
Jul-1-20 | For the next few months, it is estimated that in the Guatemalan market, sales of men's pants will decrease by about 5% from the levels reported prior to the change in the business scenario.
Textile Sector: Poor Outlook
Jun-23-20 | Uncertainty over a possible second wave of covid-19 cases globally will prevent Salvadoran textile industry exports from recovering for the rest of 2020.
Retail and Digital Transformation
Jun-12-20 | Considerable investments in the digitalization of operations, the closure of small stores and the expansion of the commercial area of the best located sales points, is part of the strategy that companies are beginning to implement in the new context of business transformation.
Footwear: Factory Closes in El Salvador
May-18-20 | For the time that the State of Emergency is in effect, the authorities ordered the paralysis of the activities of the production plant of the company ADOC, located in Montecarmelo, Soyapango.
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