Footfall Analytics in Retail
Sep-24-21 | Footfall analytics helps to make critical operational and strategic decisions for any type of business, improving conversion rates, maximizing sales, optimizing costs and increasing brand positioning.
Big Data to Understand Consumers
Jul-21-21 | Consumers today have access to information anytime, anywhere, including what, where and when to buy, how much to pay, among other things. This makes it increasingly important to use consumer-focused data analytics to predict how they will behave when interacting with brands.
Business Strategy, Technology and the New Reality
May-11-21 | Defining a technological agenda that includes the development of online sales channels, digital marketing and improvement of processes and operations is essential for companies to meet the challenges they must overcome to compete in the new commercial reality.
ZLC will Hold Virtual Trade Fair
Feb-24-21 | From March 1 to 5, 2021, the Colon Free Zone will hold its first multisector virtual trade fair, in which 200 exhibitors will participate and participants will be able to access product catalogs and receive direct attention from suppliers.
New Reality, New Business Models
Oct-30-20 | As a result of the fast emergence of the new commercial reality, several business models that were profitable until the first quarter of 2020, are now obsolete, forcing business leaders to rethink strategies to survive in this new scenario.
New Reality, New Trends
Jun-5-20 | Structural changes in world trade, consumer preference for living on the outskirts of cities and a growing demand for technological equipment to be able to work from home are some of the turns economies will experience in the new reality.
Companies and Businesses: How to Deal with the Pandemic?
Apr-1-20 | Analyzing the economic and financial situation of the company, implementing a resistance plan, identifying what products customers need and what opportunities can be exploited in this context, are some of the tips for businesses in the new and complex reality.
Commercial Sector Begins to Suffer from the Crisis
Mar-27-20 | Because of the health crisis generated by the spread of covid-19, shopping centers, restaurants, clothing and footwear stores, among other businesses, began to report a decline in commercial activity in Nicaragua.
Franchising: Challenges and Expectations
Feb-25-20 | Recruiting the best staff to operate the points of sale and reducing the costs of the initial investments to set up a franchise are some of the challenges faced by franchisers, who expect better sales in 2020.
New Business and Big Data
Dec-19-19 | Technology and tools for analyzing large volumes of information used by large corporations to make business decisions are also available to businessmen and small companies.
Franchise Business Forecasts
Jul-19-19 | Because of the slowdown in the economy and the entry into force of new taxes, in 2020 is expected a slight growth of 1% in the number of franchise brands in Costa Rica.
Less Bureaucracy to Boost the Economy
Jun-19-19 | As one of the measures that the Costa Rican government plans to implement is that it will no longer be necessary to have all the requirements to open a business certified, and only an affidavit will be necessary.
Food and Beverages: Virtual Business Roundtable
Apr-17-19 | From 20 to 23 May, an online business meeting will be held with South Korea for companies in the food and beverage sectors.
China's plans in Central America
Oct-9-18 | The FTA with Panama and the agreement with El Salvador, both in the negotiation stage, are part of the commercial opportunities that the Asian nation seeks to consolidate in the region in the short-term.
Insecurity, Still the Main Concern
Sep-11-18 | Entrepreneurs in El Salvador believe that the first measure that should be implemented by the government that will take office in 2019 is to regain control of territories dominated by gangs.
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