Uncertainty about Slow Progress in the Vaccination Process
Jun-25-21 | Although expectations for the end of 2021 are good for the Guatemalan economy, there is uncertainty regarding what will happen in the second part of the year, as the vaccination process is progressing slowly.
Guatemalan Economy According to the IMF
Jun-11-21 | For the international organization, during 2020, Guatemala's economy showed resilience, since in the context of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, the GDP contracted only 1.5%.
Vaccine Tourism Boosts Ticket Sales
Jun-10-21 | In order to have access to the vaccine against Covid-19, the number of people traveling abroad by air has increased in Guatemala in the last months, being the United States the main destination to which Guatemalans travel.
Changes in the Labor Market: What Are Employees Asking for?
Jun-3-21 | As the pandemic has changed the ways of accomplishing tasks and telecommuting has gained ground in all markets, flexibility in terms of where and when to work will be one of the factors most valued by employees in this new reality.
Office Market: Vacancy Rate Rising
Jun-1-21 | Last year in Costa Rica, the office market vacancy rate doubled from 7.45% in the first quarter of 2020 to 15.15% in the same period of 2021, a rise that was largely induced by the implementation of telecommuting.
Panamanian Economy Falls 6%
May-28-21 | During March 2021, the Monthly Index of Economic Activity registered a -6% year-on-year variation, a decrease that is attributed to the effects of the sanitary emergency caused by Covid-19.
Delay in Vaccination = Downgrading of Risk Ratings
May-26-21 | For Fitch, the delay in vaccination campaigns constitutes a latent risk of a prolonged pandemic, which would delay the recovery of the region's economies and would cause negative pressures on the risk ratings to be issued in the coming months.
Aeromexico to Resume Flights to Nicaragua
May-25-21 | After more than a year of not flying to the Central American country due to the health crisis, the Mexican airline confirmed that as of July 1 it will resume operations to Nicaragua.
New Normal: Chinese Tires Increase in Prices
May-21-21 | As a result of the shortage of tires and the increase in the cost of maritime freight, Costa Rican importers of Chinese tires estimate that prices in the local market have increased about 40% in recent months.
Panama Closes Border with Colombia
May-21-21 | Arguing that the significant progress achieved to control the Covid-19 pandemic is put at risk, the Panamanian government decided to temporarily suspend the entry into its territory by land, sea and river, of all persons coming from the border with Colombia.
Automotive Industry had a Good Start in 2021
May-18-21 | After vehicle sellers in Guatemala in 2020 faced a complex panorama as a result of the crisis caused by the pandemic, during the first quarter of the year a 30% y-o-y increase in the number of new imported units was reported.
Reusable Facemasks: New Regulations in Force
May-18-21 | Panama has a new regulation that establishes requirements on materials, environment for the operation, design, manufacture, labeling, use, washing and final disposal of reusable fabric masks for personal use outside sanitary facilities.
Restaurants: Innovations in the New Reality
May-13-21 | Some of the innovations that the Guatemalan chain Pollo Campero has implemented in this new commercial reality include investing in the implementation of establishments that serve only home delivery service and setting up open spaces to serve more consumers.
Meetings and Events: Industry is Paddling Against the Tide
May-12-21 | As a result of the reduction of the permitted capacity for meetings and events to be held in Costa Rica, businessmen of the sector will have to adjust their expenses and contain costs in a better way.
Economy: Restrictions in Costa Rica
May-11-21 | In order to contain the advance of the pandemic, during the rest of the month of May, capacity reductions and restrictions to the circulation of vehicles will be applied, measures that will be applied throughout the national territory.
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