More Confidence to Invest = Less Migration
Jun-9-21 | Following the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris to Guatemala, the business sector assures that in order to reduce illegal migration from Central America to the US, it is necessary to create a favorable and comfortable environment for local and foreign investment in the countries of the region.
New Northern Winds for Central America
Jan-20-21 | Strengthening trade between the US and the region, fighting corruption in the Northern Triangle and reducing illegal migration flows, are some of the axes on which Joe Biden, the US president who has been sworn in, is expected to focus.
Uncertainty Increases over Relationship with the U.S.
Jul-26-19 | Guatemalan exporters report that President Trump's warning about export tariffs and taxes on remittances and transfers is raising doubts among U.S. buyers.
NAFTA Review and Immigration Crisis
Jul-16-19 | In the NAFTA review carried out by the Central American and U.S. authorities, it is ruled out that the U.S. government will apply trade sanctions in retaliation for the deepening of the migration problem.
Labor Migration Procedures Too Long
Jul-26-16 | International labor mobility as an important factor in business competitiveness is being obstructed in Costa Rica by the inefficiency of the Department of Immigration.
IMF Details Problems in El Salvador
May-9-16 | The IMF has indicated political polarization, high crime and outward migration, rising unit labor costs and high logistics costs, barriers to entry and expansion of business, fiscal uncertainty, and limited human capital.
El Salvador is Losing its Human Resources
Apr-10-15 | The emigration of six out of seven Salvadorans who have studied for 12 years or more is removing a vital resource for economic performance, preventing improvements to labor productivity in the country.
Panama Changes its Immigration Policy
Sep-16-14 | An announcement has been made that the next round of issuance of residence permits to foreigners will be the last, in a change to the policy "aimed at strengthening borders to preventing the influx of illegal immigrants."
Remittances Up to August Amount to $1.878 million
Sep-13-12 | In the first eight months of the year remittance income was $30 million more than that received in the same period of 2011.
International Mobility of Human Talent
May-6-11 | "If a person with 20 years of education emigrates and another person, with 12 years of education immigrates, the country has suffered a net loss of 8 years of investment in training."
Relocating to Panama
Feb-15-11 | More and more foreigners settle in Panama, requiring a wide range of different services.
Panama Concedes Immigration Amnesty
Jul-8-10 | Foreigners who have been in the country for more than two years will be able to legalise their status, subject to paying relevant fees.
Human Development Report 2009
Oct-5-09 | In Central America Costa Rica is at the top (with 54 in overall ranking), followed by Panama (60), El Salvador (106), Honduras (112), Guatemala (122), and Nicaragua (124).
Human Development Report 2009
Oct-5-09 | In Central America Costa Rica is at the top (with 54 in overall ranking), followed by Panama (60), El Salvador (106), Honduras (112), Guatemala (122), and Nicaragua (124).
Panama: Top Destination for Venezuelan Migrants
Aug-10-09 | Venezuelan deposits at Panamanian banks summed $1.4 billion in April 2009.
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