Laws on Formalities and Free Trade Zones Approved
Jun-2-21 | In Guatemala were published in the Diario de Centroamerica the sanctions of the laws for the Simplification of Administrative Requirements and Procedures and Free Zones, regulatory frameworks that aim to encourage investments and job creation.
ZLC Law: Good but Not Enough
May-10-21 | After the announcement of the Bill that creates the Program for the Modernization of the Logistics Services Infrastructure in the Colon Free Zone in Panama, local businessmen believe that more attractive incentives should be sought.
Tax: Setback for Local Authorities
Apr-16-21 | After in Costa Rica the mayor of Alajuela filed an action of unconstitutionality to revert the authentic interpretation approved by the deputies for the payment of real estate taxes applicable to free zones, the Chamber ruled negatively to the legal recourse filed.
Local Governments vs. Legal Security
Apr-12-21 | After the Mayor of Alajuela filed an action of unconstitutionality in Costa Rica to revert the exoneration of real estate taxes applicable to free trade zones, the business sector believes that legal certainty is being undermined.
Free Trade Zones: Green Light for New Investments
Feb-5-21 | The Panamanian government issued a favorable concept for the establishment and operation of five free trade zones in the country, which together project an investment of $22 million.
Free Trade Zone Announces Ambitious Investment Plan
Jan-27-21 | America Free Zone, located in Heredia, Costa Rica, plans to execute an investment plan in the next few years totaling close to $120 million and contemplates the implementation of electro-lane stations and the construction of new infrastructure.
New Economic Development Zone Endorsed
Dec-18-20 | In Guatemala, the Miel Verde project, Special Public Economic Zone, was approved. In its first phase of development, it will require an investment of close to $4 million and will be located in the municipality of Río Hondo, department of Zacapa.
Economic Development Zone Begins Operations
Nov-30-20 | In Guatemala, the "Puerta del Istmo", a Special Public Economic Development Zone located in Pajapita, department of San Marcos, began operating.
Logistics Center: $150 Million Investment Plan
Sep-3-20 | In a 30-hectare lot located five kilometers from the Container Terminal in Moin, Costa Rica, construction will begin in the first half of 2021, a logistics complex that will focus on the management of local or imported cargo.
Industry: New Developments in Free Zone
Aug-27-20 | In order to house companies that are about to start operations or for companies that need to expand their operations in Coyol Free Zone, the Costa Rican industrial complex is building new infrastructure for an area equivalent to 67,347 square meters.
Free Zones: New Project in Costa Rica
Jun-17-20 | Portafolio Inmobiliario announced that it will begin the development of the Green Valley Free Trade Zone project, which in its first stage contemplates the construction of a Free Trade Zone located in the municipality of Grecia, province of Alajuela.
Activity in the Colon Free Zone Falls 10% in 2019
Feb-26-20 | Last year the commercial activity of the Panamanian Free Zone totaled $18,469 million, 10% less than what was reported in 2018.
Benefits Extended to Free Zone Companies
Feb-11-20 | In Honduras, a law reform was approved that simplifies the procedures that local and foreign companies must follow to take advantage of the Free Zone Law and extends for 15 more years the benefits that it grants to the companies of the regime.
Industrial Parks: New Investment Announced
Jan-24-20 | Code Development Group announced that it plans to build a new free zone in Grecia de Alajuela, Costa Rica, which would house companies in the high technology sector.
IT Services: $20 Million in New Plant
Jan-20-20 | Teradyne, Inc. announced that it will build an industrial plant in the Coyol Free Zone, Costa Rica, which will have an area of 11 thousand square meters, from where it will provide its customers with electronic services and IT support.
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