Labor Migration Procedures Too Long
Jul-26-16 | International labor mobility as an important factor in business competitiveness is being obstructed in Costa Rica by the inefficiency of the Department of Immigration.
Migratory Regularization in Panama
Jun-8-16 | A new edict orders procedures which are very similar to the "melting pot" held under previous administrations, in order to regularize the status of undocumented immigrants.
Panama Changes its Immigration Policy
May-22-15 | It has been announced that there will be an end to liberality in granting residence permits in the so-called melting pot, and the revision of the immigration status of resident foreigners whose papers have expired.
Panama: Law Eliminating Melting Pot Halted
Feb-26-15 | The government has asked the Assembly to return to the first legislative body a bill which eliminates the immigration fairs and to start discussions to establish a migration code.
The Debate Over Foreign Workers
Feb-18-15 | "... Some of the professions reserved for national citizens are chemical engineering and petrochemicals, careers which are not offered by any university in Panama. "
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Costa Rica: Flexibility for Foreign Labor
Aug-25-14 | Businessmen are demanding that costs be reduced and the procedures required for immigrants to obtain temporary work permits be simplified.
Panama Continues to Regularizing Foreign Workers
Oct-16-13 | Another 11,000 foreigners from 44 different countries have regularized their immigration status and obtained work and residency permits.
Legal Status for Foreigners Resident for More Than a Year
Oct-2-12 | Panama is repeating the process of granting residence and work permits to foreigners who have resided in its territory for more than a year.
New Multinational Incentive Act Approved
Aug-2-12 | Migratory and tax benefits have been Established for foreign staff of multinationals based in Panama.
Foreigners Immigration Status Regularized in Panama
Jun-27-12 | In the ninth round of “Crisol de Razas” (Race Melting Pot) organized by the National Immigration Service (NMS) some 5,300 foreigners have had their immigration status regularized.
Costa Rica Issues Migration Regulations
Jun-1-12 | The General Migration and Foreign Affairs Office issued new regulations and guidelines for entry visas.
Panama Facilitates Productive Immigration
May-24-12 | Permanent residency has been granted to Argentineans, Brazilians, Uruguayans, Chileans, Spanish, and nationals of other countries friendly to Panama.
More Facilities for Foreign Tourists in Guatemala
Mar-15-12 | The Commission on Sustainable Tourism (Comiturs) has requested free entry for every tourist that has a U.S. visa in order to facilitate immigration procedures.
Panama Regularizes Foreigners Immigration Status
Sep-13-11 | An extraordinary migratory regularization process, called " Panamá, Crisol de Razas” (Panama, the Melting Pot) will be reactivated from 3 to October 7, 2011.
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