Ways Location Intelligence is Driving Real Estate Investments
Oct-28-21 | In order to research and evaluate real estate investment opportunities for commercial, industrial or hospitality use, it is important to consider all social and economic factors in a given area in order to make an informed investment.
Predictive Modeling: The New Real Estate Journey
Aug-6-21 | Predictive analytics has transformed the real estate industry due to its powerful ability to deliver fast and accurate actionable insights. This has largely come about through the advent of Big Data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that harness the intrinsic power of real estate data.
Pharmaceutical Company Gets $14 Million Loan
Jun-18-21 | BID Invest granted Calox de Costa Rica S.A. a loan that will help the company invest in substantial improvements in its production capacity and seek international certifications to validate the quality of its products.
Political Climate, Pessimism and Investment Attraction
May-25-21 | Due to the dismissal of high ranking officials of the justice sector and the fact that President Bukele has strained his relationship with Washington, Salvadoran businessmen foresee an uncertain future for US investments that may come to the country.
Convenience Stores: More Competition in Costa Rica
May-24-21 | With the opening of its first store, which will be located in the La California neighborhood of the country's capital, a chain of stores named "Oli!" will begin to compete in the local market in June 2021.
Coffee Shops: New investment in Costa Rica
May-20-21 | The Starbucks chain opened to the public a store located in Multiplaza Escazú, the new establishment has the capacity to receive 99 customers and required an investment of approximately $750 thousand.
Supermarkets: New Stores in Costa Rica
Apr-28-21 | Between March and April, Walmart opened five new stores of the Palí format, located in Heredia, San José, Alajuela, Cartago and Guanacaste.
Law Threatens Stability of the Electricity Sector
Apr-28-21 | Empresa de Transmision Electrica de Panama warns that Bill 342, which was approved in the first debate in the Assembly, threatens the stability of the local electric sector by delaying and making it impossible for electric projects to enter into operation due to the lack of transmission lines.
Electricity: New Investments Announced
Apr-8-21 | In El Salvador during 2021, AES announced that it plans to invest between $60 and $75 million in the development of new solar energy projects and works in the distribution network.
Foreign Investment Attraction: Creation of ProPanama
Apr-7-21 | President Laurentino Cortizo sanctioned the law that creates the National Authority for the Attraction of Investments and Promotion of Exports of Panama, an institution whose objective is to attract foreign investment to the country.
Cement: Investment in Production Plants
Mar-18-21 | In order to increase its production capacity in El Salvador by 58%, Holcim will invest $20 million in the reactivation of the Maya Plant and in improvements to the El Ronco Plant.
Foreign Investment: Bill Moves Forward
Mar-12-21 | The bill to create the Authority for the Attraction of Investments and Promotion of Exports in Panama was approved in second debate.
Expansion Plans of Shoe Store Chain
Mar-12-21 | Besides betting on sales through digital channels, the Payless store chain plans to open two new stores in El Salvador.
Legal Certainty: What are Investors asking for?
Mar-3-21 | A few weeks before the new magistrates of the Constitutional Court take office in Guatemala, the business sector is asking that the new members of the highest court advocate for a real rule of law and provide legal certainty to investments.
Fast Food: Expansion Plans Redesigned
Feb-26-21 | Relocating existing restaurants, strengthening the digital sales channel and identifying the areas where consumers are currently concentrated in order to choose the location of new stores are some of the strategies of the chains when executing their expansion plans.
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