Financial System: Warning by Bill
Oct-9-20 | In the Honduran Congress there is a bill that seeks to prohibit banks and finance companies from capitalizing interest on payments not made from March 2020 to December 2021, a measure that worries the sector.
Coffee: Bill Rejection Increases
Feb-18-20 | In Costa Rica, the business sector is opposed to a proposed law that would give Icafé the power to impose requirements and controls on the processes of supplying the raw material necessary for grain production.
Coffee: Bill Rejected
Jan-27-20 | Costa Rican businessmen are opposed to the bill that gives Icafé the authority to impose requirements and controls on the processes of supplying the raw material necessary for grain production.
Initiative to Speed Up Insolvency Processes
Dec-19-19 | A bill being discussed in the Costa Rican Assembly aims to accelerate and simplify the processes followed by companies when they request to be declared in a state of insolvency or bankruptcy.
Credit Card Law: Progress on New Proposal
Dec-4-19 | Last December 2, the new Credit Card Law proposal received a favorable opinion from the Economy Commission of the Guatemalan Congress, and now it should be discussed in the plenary session.
Constitutional Reforms Win First Debate
Oct-24-19 | The National Assembly of Panama approved in first debate the proposals for changes to the Magna Carta, which include the titles from 5th to 7th referring to the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Powers.
Panama: PPP Bill to Third Debate, but with Changes
Sep-5-19 | The removal of the disqualification from hiring natural and legal persons who have been sentenced for corruption is one of the most important changes made to the bill that creates the Public-Private Partnership Regime.
Honduras: Law for the Palm Sector
Sep-4-19 | A bill is being discussed in Congress to facilitate financing for producers and to support them in certifying the quality of their plantations.
PPP Law Discussion Suspended
Aug-29-19 | After the workers and union sectors rejected the bill creating the Public-Private Partnership Regime in Panama, the Assembly decided to suspend its discussion in the second debate.
Costs of Not Having a Competition Law
Aug-23-19 | The lack of a competition law in Guatemala could expose the country to sanctions from the European authorities, since it is a requirement demanded in the regulations of the Association Agreement with the European Union.
Credit Cards: Proposals to Regulate the Market
Aug-21-19 | Implementing a mixed system of interest rates composed of a fixed one with a contract for a determined time and another variable agreed between the account holder and the issuer, is one of the proposals that are discussed in the Congress of Guatemala.
Coffee: Law Reform Moves Forward, Despite Opposition
Aug-15-19 | Although several sectors disapprove of the initiative, in Nicaragua the Legislative Commission in charge of the reform endorsed the bill that seeks to remove the power of businessmen to propose their representatives to the Coffee Commission.
Coffee: Law Reform Tailored to the Government
Aug-6-19 | The Nicaraguan government seeks to deprive the business sector of the power to propose its representatives to the National Commission for the Transformation and Development of Coffee Farming.
Panama: Changes in Contracting Law
Aug-1-19 | A bill to modify the law that regulates public contracting was presented, which contemplates among its changes to benefit micro, small and medium enterprises, with smaller purchases at the national level.
Banking Cards: Objections to Commission Regulation
Jul-22-19 | Not considering the costs of the collection process, nor market conditions, are some of the failures that banks identify in the bill being discussed in the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica.
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