Aluminum: Purchases Fell 19% in 2020
May-21-21 | During 2020, imports of aluminum and its manufactures in Central America totaled $480 million, 19% less than what was reported in 2019, a drop that is explained by the decline in purchases from all markets in the region.
Mine Reactivation: A Light at the End of the Tunnel
Apr-5-21 | After a community consultation was ordered as a requirement for the resumption of operations of the San Rafael Mine in Guatemala, the authorities invited nine institutions to participate in the first meeting of the pre-consultation roundtable.
Gold: Outlook for Business in Nicaragua
Mar-19-21 | The mining companies' association estimates that in 2021 gold exports will be 13% higher than the value exported during 2020, explained in part by an increase in the volume extracted and the rise in the international price.
Mining: $25 Million Investment Announced
Mar-10-21 | Plantel Los Angeles, a mixed capital company operating in Chontales, Nicaragua, plans to invest $25 million in the construction of three new raw gold processing plants.
Guatemala: Ratification of Mine Suspension
Feb-24-21 | Following the ruling of the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Energy and Mines decided to temporarily suspend the rights of the Fenix mining company, located in El Estor, department of Izabal.
Gold: $50 Million Investment in Industrial Plant
Dec-16-20 | Condor Gold, a British company that for 14 years has carried out exploration work in the province of León, in Nicaragua, announced that in 2021 it will invest in the construction of a metal processing plant.
Mine in Guatemala: Clear and Objective Consultation
Jun-25-20 | After the Constitutional Court decided to keep the "Extracción Minera Fénix" project suspended, the private sector is asking the authorities to start the community consultation process as soon as possible, in an objective and clear way.
Mine Suspension Confirmed in Guatemala
Jun-19-20 | The Constitutional Court decided to keep the "Extracción Minera Fénix" project, located in the department of Izabal, suspended and ordered the community consultation process to be carried out within 18 months.
Mining Company: Legal Measures to Resume Operations
Jun-10-20 | Minera Panama filed a protection action, because since April 6 the Ministry of Health ordered the closure of the Donoso mining project, for reporting an outbreak of covid-19 among the company's staff.
Metallic Plates: Backward in Awarding
Feb-7-20 | Guatemala's Tax Administration Superintendent did not approve the decision of the bidding board in the process that ended with the award of the contract to supply 2.4 million metal plates for land vehicles.
Honduras: Mining Exports Fall 16%
Jan-24-20 | Between January and November 2019, mining sector exports totaled $153 million, 16% less than what was reported in the same period in 2018.
Contract Awarded to Supply Metal Plates
Jan-17-20 | Tönnjes Card International, S.A. was the winner of the tender to supply 2.4 million metal plates for land vehicles in Guatemala.
Gold in Nicaragua: A Business with Its Own Brightness
Dec-17-19 | The country is going through an economic crisis that has hit most sectors, however, gold seems to be on the sidelines of the bad times, as in the first nine months of the year exports totaled $397 million, 26% more than in the same period in 2019.
Mining: Progress on $120 Million Project
Oct-14-19 | Inversiones Los Pinares, in charge of building an iron oxide mine in Tocoa, Honduras, plans to begin exporting to the U.S. market in late 2020 or early 2021.
Mining in Honduras: Changes in the Rules of the Game
Sep-30-19 | The amendments to the law stipulate that prior to the request for exploitation, the mining authority shall require the municipal corporation to conduct a citizen consultation within a period not exceeding 90 days, and the decision adopted shall be binding for the granting of the concession.
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