Vehicle Sales: Optimism in Panama
Jan-28-21 | After a 50% year-on-year fall in new car sales in 2020, Panamanian businessmen expect a 25% increase in the number of units sold in the local market by 2021.
Vehicle Loans: Lower Demand in Nicaragua
Nov-18-20 | In this scenario of economic crisis, the Nicaraguan market reported a 25% decrease in the balance of the vehicle loan portfolio between December 2019 and September 2020.
Cars in Panama: Sales Keep Improving
Nov-5-20 | After reporting the sale of only 96 vehicles in May, due to the quarantine decreed by the covid-19 outbreak, in July the figure rose to 1,112, in August to 1,398 and in September to 2,403 units.
Vehicles: The Most Popular Brands
Oct-7-20 | In the countries of Central America, more than 21 million people are looking to buy a vehicle online, and of this consumer segment, close to 4% explore options for acquiring a Suzuki brand car.
Used Cars: Demand in the New Reality
Sep-21-20 | During the first seven months of the year, 26,188 vehicles were imported to El Salvador, of which 18% were new units and 82% were used. Second-hand cars are still in demand in this new business scenario.
Commercial Vehicles Boost Recovery
Sep-7-20 | After vehicle sales practically disappeared due to the decreed quarantine, the distributors in El Salvador begin to notice an incipient reactivation of the market, which is explained by the demand for units for commercial use.
Economy: Panama will Resume More Activities
Aug-12-20 | Authorities announced that as of August 17, construction, internet retail, vehicle sales, barber shops and beauty salons will be allowed to resume.
Vehicles: Urgent Opening of Sales Channels
Jun-25-20 | In Panama, the distributors' union is asking the government to open up sales channels, which is included in the third block of the return to normal scheme, whose start date has not yet been defined.
Vehicles: Prices and Market Trends
Jun-18-20 | In Guatemala since April 12, interactions in the digital environment associated with the purchase of vehicles has rebounded; however, in April and May, prices of cars and pickups grew more slowly compared to the number reportes on the first quarter of the year.
Vehicles: New Reality, New Strategies
May-20-20 | Focusing on increasing income from after-sales services and making alliances with banks to offer better financing conditions are some of the strategies that car dealers in Panama intend to implement in this new reality.
Automotive Sector: Strategies in the New Business Reality
May-4-20 | Making alliances with factories, applying distance protocols at points of service and encouraging the use of digital platforms are some of the strategies that have begun to be implemented by new vehicle distributors in the region.
Vehicles: Sales Would Fall 50% This Year
Apr-16-20 | Due to the crisis generated by the Covid-19, car dealers in Panama estimate that during 2020 the number of units sold could fall by almost 50% compared to the figure reported in 2019.
Vehicles: Importer Sued in El Salvador
Jan-27-20 | The company "MICARRO SV" is accused of not delivering the vehicles to a group of consumers who had already paid for them.
Vehicle Sales: Optimism for 2020
Jan-13-20 | After registering increases in the number of imported vehicles in November and December, car dealers in Costa Rica expect that this 2020 will reinforce the positive trend.
Luxury Cars: Sales Grow at 8%
Jan-8-20 | During the first 11 months of 2019, 2,421 luxury vehicles were sold in Panama, a figure 8% higher than that reported for the same period in 2018.
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