Construction of a Corporate Building in Honduras
Dec-21-21 | Two buildings with almost 30 levels of height are planned for a mixed office, commercial and apartment complex.
Transport Sector: Administrative Infrastructure
Dec-21-21 | The construction of an administrative building for offices and vehicle inspection will be carried out at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica.
Foot traffic analysis: OfficeMax Vs. Office DEPOT stores
Nov-17-21 | Understanding mobility and identifying points of interest help large retail office products suppliers to measure foot traffic in and out of their stores and to better comprehend the behavioral patterns of consumers.
Mixed-Use Construction
Nov-10-21 | Mixed vertical construction distributed in 14 levels in Costa Rica.
Cityzen Multi-Purpose Complex
Oct-13-21 | A multi-purpose project is to be built in Costa Rica that will include a hotel, commercial premises, offices and apartments.
Construction: Corporate Building in Costa Rica
Sep-7-21 | In Costa Rica, the construction of the "San Pedro Business Center" project is planned, with eleven levels for office rentals and a commercial area, in addition to two basements for parking.
Corporate Building Construction
Aug-17-21 | In Guatemala, the project called "Plaza Videre" consists of two corporate buildings of five and twelve levels with a total construction of 69,752.74 m2 for $2.3 million.
$12.5 Million for Corporate Construction
Jul-6-21 | In Guatemala, a tower with six basements and fourteen levels for offices will be built in zone 10, with a construction area of 37.5 thousand square meters.
Government Infrastructure: $140 Million in Investments
Jun-7-21 | Last year, 12 environmental impact studies were submitted in Central American countries for construction projects of buildings to be used by government institutions, files that together amount to an estimated investment of $140 million.
Office Market: Vacancy Rate Rising
Jun-1-21 | Last year in Costa Rica, the office market vacancy rate doubled from 7.45% in the first quarter of 2020 to 15.15% in the same period of 2021, a rise that was largely induced by the implementation of telecommuting.
Office Building: New Investment Executed
May-27-21 | Last February, the construction of an office building in Zone 14 of Guatemala City began, which will be called Park Avenue and will have 7,396 square meters of construction.
Multipurpose Towers: $16 Million in New Investment
Apr-28-21 | Two towers that will house 119 apartments, 61 offices and 43 commercial spaces are to be built on a 4,014 square meter site located in zone 15 of Guatemala City.
Tender for the Construction of an Office Building
Apr-15-21 | Banco de Costa Rica tenders the construction of an office building to be located in Liberia, Guanacaste.
Corporate Center: New Investment in Costa Rica
Mar-25-21 | Portafolio Inmobiliario plans to invest $11 million in the refurbishment of the Real Cariari Shopping Center, which will be turned into an office building to be called Cariari Corporate Center.
Office Rental: Market Correction
Mar-17-21 | The oversupply of office space and changes in the dynamics and ways of working of companies have led the office rental market to a corrective or adjustment phase, which is mainly evidenced by the downward pressure on rental prices.
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