Corporate Center: New Investment in Costa Rica
Mar-25-21 | Portafolio Inmobiliario plans to invest $11 million in the refurbishment of the Real Cariari Shopping Center, which will be turned into an office building to be called Cariari Corporate Center.
Office Rental: Market Correction
Mar-17-21 | The oversupply of office space and changes in the dynamics and ways of working of companies have led the office rental market to a corrective or adjustment phase, which is mainly evidenced by the downward pressure on rental prices.
Office Market, Telecommuting and the Post-Pandemic Era
Jan-19-21 | Since it is expected that when the pandemic is overcome, 4 out of 5 companies will opt for hybrid working modalities, which contemplate face-to-face and distance activities, the offer of offices will have to be adjusted to the new market conditions.
Offices: Changes in Market Conditions
Aug-3-20 | Since office construction is still active and could enter a phase of over-supply, combined with the strong increase in telecommuting, the market could face a contraction in the coming months.
Change in Lifestyle vs. Rental Prices
May-12-20 | It is estimated that the increase in online sales and the greater trend towards telecommuting will result in a lower demand for commercial premises and offices, exerting downward pressure on the price level of rents in the long term.
Rentals: Evictions Suspended in Panama
Apr-21-20 | The Assembly approved in third reading a bill that suspends for a 120-day period all launches and evictions of private real estate intended for housing, commercial establishments, professional use, industrial and educational activities.
Co-Working: Business Increases
Feb-27-20 | Almost a year after starting operations in Costa Rica with its first building, the American WeWork, dedicated to the rental of shared work spaces, announced that it plans to invest in two more properties in the next two years.
Office Market: What are Companies Looking for?
Aug-29-19 | In Costa Rica, it is estimated that the level of occupation of corporate spaces is 90%, being the modality "coworking", the type of office most sought by companies that are established in the country.
Real Estate Market in Crisis
Aug-9-19 | Although some office buildings report acceptable levels of occupancy, since the crisis began in April last year, rental prices in Nicaragua have fallen by up to 35%, and no improvements are envisioned in the short term.
$3 Million in Property Rentals
Jun-20-19 | The Ministry of Finance of Costa Rica tenders the rental of a building to locate the offices of the National Budget, in the City of San Jose.
Concern Over Commercial Vacancy Rate
May-8-19 | In the last year, the number of vacant commercial premises has increased in Costa Rica, behavior that is partly due to the economic situation of the country and changes in consumer preferences.
Co-working Spaces Business Grows
Apr-4-19 | WeWork, a U.S. company dedicated to renting shared spaces for work, announced that at the end of 2019 will begin operating in Costa Rica.
Real Estate Market is Saturated?
Oct-29-18 | It is estimated that it will take about seven years to commercialize, through the usual channels, the over-supply of between 500,000 m2 and 600,000 m2 that currently exists in the real estate market in Panama.
$2 million Property Rental Tender
Jul-18-18 | Banco Popular de Desarrollo Comunal de Costa Rica is putting out to tender the rental of a building to house its offices.
Office Rentals Falling
Jun-27-18 | A decline in the arrival of new international companies to the country could be one of the reasons behind the increase from 21% to 24% in the availability of office space in the Panamanian real estate market.
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