Agriculture: Digital Procedures to Export / Import
Jun-3-21 | In order to streamline the processes of import and export of agricultural, livestock and hydrobiological inputs and products, the virtual platform VISAR online was enabled in Guatemala.
E-Commerce: New Platform in Costa Rica
Feb-23-21 | DÚ, a digital platform that allows passengers to make online purchases at the Juan Santamaria Airport, began operating on February 22 at the air terminal.
E-commerce: More Competition in Costa Rica
Jan-18-21 | Mawi and Tenndo are recently created digital platforms that in the Costa Rican market will be dedicated to commercialize services and products of SMEs and independent professionals through the Internet.
Christmas Sales, Expectations and E-Commerce
Dec-9-20 | Although sales are not expected to exceed those of the 2019 Christmas season, businesses expect revenues to be robust in the context of the pandemic, a situation that could be enhanced by the dynamism of digital channels.
New Virtual Mall in Costa Rica
Nov-30-20 | Lincoln Plaza began operating a virtual platform in which customers can purchase products that are sold in the physical stores that already operate in the property.
How is the Interest in E-Commerce Platforms Evolving?
Nov-24-20 | When mobility restrictions were decreed due to the covid-19 outbreak, interest in e-commerce services rebounded in all Central American markets, but, in the last few weeks a decrease in the number of Internet searches associated with the topic has been reported.
What Will Be Next After the Pandemic?
Nov-13-20 | The covid crisis forced companies to accelerate the digital transformation process they had been experiencing, forcing the implementation of new business strategies that, far from disappearing when the pandemic passes, will remain and be reinforced.
Central America: E-Commerce Still Gaining Ground
Oct-13-20 | In the new normal, interest in e-commerce in the region's markets continues to rise, with Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama being the countries that recorded the greatest increases in interactions associated with the topic.
What does the Salvadoran Consumer Buy Online?
Aug-26-20 | 25% of the people in El Salvador who seek to purchase products and services online try to hire an educational service, 21% seek access to a financial service and 19% are interested in acquiring electronic equipment.
Online Purchasing: What are Hondurans Looking for?
Aug-19-20 | Of the total number of people in Honduras who are looking to purchase products and services online, 21% are trying to hire an educational service, 20% are exploring options to access some financial service and 13% are looking to buy a home and garden item.
E-Commerce: New Regional Platform
Aug-17-20 | Starting in September, Hugo App will offer companies in the region an online store service, which will include a website, logistics, electronic invoicing and inventory management.
The Age of Virtual Shopping Malls Begins
Jul-9-20 | The opportunities derived from the habit of buying online, together with the current business scenario, are creating an environment where the offer of different brands of clothing and restaurants are brought together in virtual platforms.
Digital Environment: Center of All Interactions
Jul-8-20 | The health crisis, quarantines and social distancing measures in Central American countries, forced individuals and companies to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, which caused the digital to become the center of all interactions.
Consumer Trends in Costa Rica
Jun-30-20 | In the current scenario of changing consumer habits, interest in bicycle accessories, gardening items and beer has grown among Costa Rican consumers in recent weeks.
E-commerce: More Competition in El Salvador
Jun-29-20 | Click Box, a company that replicates the business model of Amazon and AliExpress, entered the Salvadoran market a few months ago and so far sells products from some 50 local businesses.
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