How Much Does the Region Lose in Crime?
Jan-16-20 | Because of factors such as business closures and lack of opportunities, it is estimated that criminal activity costs Honduras and El Salvador 16% of GDP, and in the case of Guatemala, its losses could amount to 7% of its production.
Request to Recover Territory Control
Sep-6-19 | After three soldiers were killed in Izabal, Guatemalan business sector asks the government to regain control of the territories where criminal groups dominate.
Extinction of Domain and Fundamental Rights
May-22-19 | The bill being discussed in Costa Rica basically seeks to extinguish the assets of organized crime, but there are those who claim that as proposed, it puts at risk the presumption of innocence of individuals.
Homicide Figures in Central America
Jan-25-18 | A report by InSight Crime highlights the homicide rate registered in Costa Rica in 2017, which was 12.1 per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest number in its history.
Money Laundering in Central America
Mar-3-17 | The housing market, casinos, concert halls, and the livestock sector are all used to launder money in Central American countries.
El Salvador: Housing Market Declines Due to Insecurity
Jul-12-16 | Projects are becoming more expensive due to the fact that they increasingly include more security measures and in areas such as La Libertad, Soyapango, Ilopango and Apopa, some lots and homes are even losing value.
El Salvador: High Cost of Criminal Extortion
Jun-23-16 | The most vulnerable to extortion are small and medium enterprises, which employ half of the economically active population.
IMF Details Problems in El Salvador
May-9-16 | The IMF has indicated political polarization, high crime and outward migration, rising unit labor costs and high logistics costs, barriers to entry and expansion of business, fiscal uncertainty, and limited human capital.
El Salvador: Cost of Violence is Equal to 16% of GDP
May-2-16 | In 2014 the economic cost of violence in El Salvador exceeded $4 billion, while the opportunity cost of production and unmade investment was 4.8% of GDP.
Panama: Companies Report Extortions
Apr-27-16 | The guild of merchants in Chiriqui has denounced the growing amounts of extortion by organized crime organizations, mainly affecting small businesses in the province.
Panama Faces Up to the Panama Papers Crisis
Apr-7-16 | The Panamanian government has announced its willingness to review current practices in the legal and financial system and collaborate with other governments in legal proceedings over financial and tax offenses.
Growing Cost of Insecurity in Guatemala
Mar-18-16 | Companies have to allocate up to 15% of expenses to security services, as a result of the growing violence in the country.
Honduras: Violence Drives Out Dutch Cooperation
Mar-17-16 | The Dutch Development Bank is making its exit from the country official and has suspended commitments and disbursements, including for a hydroelectric project promised for Agua Zarca.
$4.2 billion Laundered in Costa Rica Per Year
Mar-14-16 | The figure is an estimate made by the Intelligence Directorate in Costa Rica released by the US State Department, along with information that indicates a rise in criminal organizations based in the country, and little capacity to combat them.
El Salvador: Growing Industrial Unrest Due to Insecurity
Mar-8-16 | Businessmen have stated their categorical opposition to statements made by a government official that confuse extortion with the funding of organized crime.
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