Ways Location Intelligence is Driving Real Estate Investments
Oct-28-21 | In order to research and evaluate real estate investment opportunities for commercial, industrial or hospitality use, it is important to consider all social and economic factors in a given area in order to make an informed investment.
Apartment Rentals: Consumers and Interest
Mar-10-21 | During the first weeks of the year, interest in apartment rentals increased in Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic and Guatemala, a situation that contrasts with Costa Rica and El Salvador, markets in which interactions in the digital environment decreased.
Real Estate Market: Challenges and Opportunities
Aug-27-20 | The commitment to long term rentals instead of vacation rentals, preference for larger residences and innovation in the marketing tools of the projects under development are some of the changes expected in the coming months, which could set a new pattern in the sector.
Real Estate Market: What are Buyers Looking for?
Mar-10-20 | In the canton of Santa Ana, Costa Rica, 55% of the people who express interest in apartments for sale have a high purchasing power and are between 25 and 44 years old.
Real Estate Supply: How do Prices Behave?
Jan-15-20 | About 60% of the apartments in the district of Santa Ana, Costa Rica, have prices per square meter that range from US$1,500 to US$2,000.
Big Data and Real Estate Market
Aug-30-19 | Identifying the best areas to invest in, knowing what type of property is in demand in each area, whether you are looking for more rentals or sales, homes or offices, or in which segments of the population there is more demand for each type of property, is part of what can now be analyzed using modern Big Data techniques.
Luxury Real Estate Projects Fair
Oct-4-18 | On October 6th and 7th, 30 real estate development projects focused on the high socioeconomic population will be presented in Guatemala.
Real Estate Market Deflates
Sep-6-18 | In Panama City a reduction of almost 20% in the prices of residential rents has been reported, particularly in areas that five years ago registered the highest prices in the capital.
$10 million In Deals at Real Estate Fair
Feb-27-18 | In the construction and housing fair that is taking place in Managua, developers plan to sell 250 homes, mainly of the multifamily type.
Over-supply in the Real Estate Market?
Nov-6-17 | Reports state that the available supply of office space in square meters in Panama City grew from 18% in July of last year, to 21% in the same month in 2017.
Insecurity and the Real Estate Market
Sep-13-17 | In some areas of El Salvador, the difference between having or not having a security gate can vary the price of a used home that is for sale by up to 30%.
Real Estate Fund Buys Office Center for $127 million
Aug-29-17 | In Costa Rica, the investment fund management company Multifondos has announced the acquisition of the corporate center El Cafetal, located in Belén, Heredia.
Investors Like Bricks and Mortar
May-15-17 | Stable returns is the main characteristic of real estate funds which in Costa Rica have shown annualized growth of 26% in their net assets.
Costa Rica: Industrial Real Estate Market up to December 2016
Mar-22-17 | The segments of industrial buildings and office-warehouses, provided the most dynamism to the industrial real estate market in the Greater Metropolitan Area of ​​Costa Rica at the end of 2016.
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