Tender for Security Services
Jan-4-22 | The Guatemalan government seeks to provide security at different offices of the Ministry of Education, to be provided from June to December 2022.
International Business Opportunity: IT Services
Dec-21-21 | International tender to provide cloud infrastructure construction services to store survey data, at Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica de Honduras.
Private Security Services and Monitoring Center
Jul-5-21 | In Tegucigalpa, Honduras tenders for 106 private security guards and 220 video surveillance cameras for the Hospital Escuela, Peripheral Emergency Clinics and Mobile Hospital.
Tender for Video Surveillance System in Panama
Jun-23-21 | The Ministry of Public Security tenders the supply, installation, configuration and commissioning of a comprehensive security system for the Academia Internado Encontrando El Camino Correcto, located in Veracruz, Arraijan.
Tender for Valuables Transportation Service
May-7-21 | The Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales de Panama tenders the service of collection and transportation of valuables in armored vehicles.
Tender for $3 Million for Security and Surveillance Services
Apr-13-21 | The National Learning Institute of Costa Rica tenders security and physical and electronic surveillance services for facilities located in Cartago and Turrialba.
Tender for $3 Million in Security Equipment
Mar-24-21 | In Costa Rica, the Ministry of Public Security is bidding for the supply of anti-riot equipment for the National Police Academy, under a delivery-on-demand execution modality.
Tender for Bulletproof Vests in El Salvador
Feb-25-21 | The Ministry of National Defense tenders the supply of 956 bulletproof vests for personal protection, to be used by Army and Air Force personnel.
Tender for Transport of Valuables Service
Feb-23-21 | Credito Hipotecario Nacional de Guatemala tenders the transportation, custody and safekeeping of securities for central offices to agencies and vice versa, during the period from May 1 to December 31, 2021.
Tender for $5 Million in Surveillance Services
Feb-19-21 | The National Learning Institute of Costa Rica tenders physical surveillance services, conventional and electronic security, for the facilities of the central headquarters, in Uruca.
Tender for Security Services in Panama
Jan-8-21 | The National Institute of Professional Training and Qualification for Human Development, tenders the private security and surveillance services for 22 centers, for a period of 12 months.
Tender for Security Services in Honduras
Nov-10-20 | The National Commission of Banks and Insurance Companies is tendering the services of surveillance and private security, for the offices of the institution during the years 2021, 2022 and 2023.
Agriculture: Challenges in Times of Pandemic
Oct-27-20 | Scheduling medical checkups for the staff, preparing the housing modules to maintain social distance and adapting the logistics of transporting people are challenges that the sugar mills will face during the 2020-2021 harvest.
Tender for Security and Surveillance Services
Oct-16-20 | The National Mortgage Credit of Guatemala tenders security services through agents for its central offices, local agencies, departmental agencies, assigned departments and other establishments, during 2021.
Tender for $3 Million in Security Equipment
Aug-18-20 | The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewerage tenders for the installation and supply of perimeter security equipment.
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