Location intelligence solutions for governments
Feb-15-22 | Government and municipal entities can leverage location intelligence to optimize strategic planning, improve the quality of public services and optimize their budgets.
Top 8 Big Data benefits for governments
Feb-15-22 | Analytics through big data management techniques allows governments to understand the needs of their citizens, combat fraud, minimize system errors and improve operations, reducing costs and improving the services of any government entity.
Tender for Professional Services in Honduras
Aug-30-21 | The Superior Court of Accounts of Honduras requires the tender to perform the affidavit in the institution with national funds according to the State Contracting Law and its Regulations.
Taxes: E-Commerce in the Authorities' Sights
May-19-21 | Within the framework of the fiscal adjustment being discussed in El Salvador in order to sign an agreement with the IMF, local authorities intend to apply VAT, ISR and other specific taxes to companies that sell their products and services online.
Shareholder Registry: New Deadline in Costa Rica
Apr-29-21 | Initially the ordinary period to declare the beneficial owners of the companies was due on April 30, but the authorities decided to extend the deadline to May 31.
Guatemala: Pharmaceutical Company Intercepted
Apr-27-21 | For the possible commission of the crime of Tax Fraud, the Superintendence of Tax Administration intervened the commercial company J.I. Cohen.
Incentives for Recycling Companies
Apr-16-21 | In Panama, a bill that establishes exemptions for those natural and legal persons specialized in the operation of industrial recycling plants was approved in the third debate.
Tax: Setback for Local Authorities
Apr-16-21 | After in Costa Rica the mayor of Alajuela filed an action of unconstitutionality to revert the authentic interpretation approved by the deputies for the payment of real estate taxes applicable to free zones, the Chamber ruled negatively to the legal recourse filed.
Local Governments vs. Legal Security
Apr-12-21 | After the Mayor of Alajuela filed an action of unconstitutionality in Costa Rica to revert the exoneration of real estate taxes applicable to free trade zones, the business sector believes that legal certainty is being undermined.
Tax Amnesty: Law Sanctioned in Panama
Apr-8-21 | President Laurentino Cortizo sanctioned Law 208 of April 6, 2021, which extends until December 31 of this year the validity of the tax amnesty, which initially arose in 2019.
Electronic Invoice: Provisions in Guatemala
Mar-29-21 | As part of the process of digitalization of tax procedures, as of July 1, 2021, taxpayers who register with the Superintendence of Tax Administration will be added to the Online Electronic Invoice regime.
Panama: Tax Amnesty to the End of 2021
Mar-25-21 | The National Assembly approved in third debate the bill that extends until December 31 of this year the validity of the tax amnesty, which initially arose in 2019.
Tax Fraud: New Cases in Guatemala
Mar-24-21 | Chang y Compania and Mag Alcoholes, are two companies that during March were audited by local authorities, after the detection of the possible crime of tax and customs fraud.
E-Commerce: Tax Exemptions in Costa Rica
Mar-23-21 | Once Cauca IV comes into force, Costa Rican consumers will be exempted from paying duties on Internet purchases made abroad by Costa Rican consumers that do not exceed $500.
Public Limited Companies: Penalties for Late Payments
Mar-17-21 | In Panama, the General Revenue Directorate (DGI) announced that it will suspend corporations that for the term of three consecutive years or more, have not made the payment of the single tax.
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