Tobacco: Booming Industry in Nicaragua
Jun-28-19 | There are 70 cigar factories in the country that produce close to 5,000 brands, and the sales they make to the U.S. surpassing the sales made in that country by companies from the Dominican Republic and Honduras.
Requirements for Marketing in ZLC
May-9-19 | In Panama, the Colon Free Zone established requirements for the issuance of special permits for the marketing of cigarettes, tobacco products and pharmaceuticals.
Tobacco: Good Sales in Times of Crisis
Apr-16-19 | Despite Nicaragua's political and economic crisis, tobacco exports in 2018 totaled $222 million, 10% more than in 2017.
Tobacco: Law on Consumption and Commercialization Passed
Mar-28-19 | Changes in product labeling and greater regulation in the licensing process are some of the provisions approved by the National Assembly of Panama.
Tobacco: Incipient Market in El Salvador
Nov-13-18 | Businessmen in the sector estimate that cigar and Havana cigar consumption in the country is around 120,000 units per year, generating annual income close to $840.000.
Tobacco Company Changes Hands
Apr-18-18 | A subsidiary of Philip Morris in Costa Rica has acquired 100% of Tabacalera Costarricense, which will maintain its operation, but will suspend the production of cigarettes in the country.
Meeting of the Tobacco Sector in Nicaragua
Jan-8-18 | From January 22nd to 27th businessmen and investors will be visiting plantations and taking part in business meetings as part of the International Festival Puro Sabor.
Business Between Central America and the Dominican Republic
Nov-29-17 | Pharmaceutical products, plastic, food preparations, sugar and confectionery, and electrical cables are the main products that are sold to companies in the Dominican Republic.
Tobacco Sector Exceeds Expectations
Nov-28-17 | In the first ten months of 2017, tobacco exports totaled $188 million, and the union of Nicaraguan producers estimates that by the end of the year they will have exceeded the annual goal of $218 million.
New Honduras - Argentina Chamber of Commerce
Nov-22-17 | The aim is to promote development of new business between both countries, and increase exports from Honduras of products such as coffee, chocolate and tobacco.
Nicaragua: Investment in the Tobacco Industry
Oct-27-17 | British American Tobacco has announced that it will be investing $4.5 million in the construction of offices and a distribution center measuring 17 thousand square meters, which will start operating in June 2018.
Nicaragua: Tobacco Exports Up 19%
Oct-5-17 | Premium cigars led Nicaraguan tobacco sales abroad in the first half of the year, registering a 19% increase over the same period in 2016.
Nicaragua: Exports of Tobacco Up 10%
Mar-7-17 | In 2016 5.5 million kilos of tobacco and tobacco waste were exported, equivalent in value to $59 million, 10% more than the value of exports in 2015.
Nicaragua: Tobacco Exports Up 11%
Jan-23-17 | In 2016 foreign sales of cigars grew by 11% over 2015, reaching $178 million, of which 84% were destined for the US market.
Tobacco Congress in Nicaragua
Dec-16-16 | From January 16 to 21st, 2017 entrepreneurs and investors in the sector will be visiting plantations and taking part in business meetings as part of the International Festival Puro Sabor.
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