Guatemala: Remittances Will Continue to Rise in 2014
Nov-20-13 | According to projections by the Banguat remittances arriving in the country in 2014 will increase by 6%, adding up to over $5.2 billion.
XXI Latin American Congress of Ports
Apr-2-12 | The event will be hosted by Guatemala from 9th to 12th April 2012 and will be organized by the American Association of Port Authorities and the National Port Commission of Guatemala.
Guatemala: Banking Secrecy Regulated
Jan-18-11 | The Superintendence of Banks sent to Congress a project which seeks to regulate banking secrecy.
Guatemala Reactivates Competition Bill Project
Jul-23-10 | The Ministry for the Economy announced that it will speed up the competition bill that has been in Congress since 2008.
Guatemalan Congress Ratifies FTA with Chile
Nov-17-09 | After ten years of negotiations, the Free Trade Agreement with Chile was finally approved by the Guatemalan Congress.
Guatemala to Issue 200 Quetzal Bills
Mar-6-09 | The Monetary Board approved the emission of Q200 Bills (24.88 dollars at today's exchange rate) which would go into circulation later this year.
Austrian Trade Mission to Visit Guatemala
Feb-17-09 | Austrian entrepreneurs representing ten companies will visit Guatemala next March and, later, Nicaragua and El Salvador.
Asian companies mull investment in Guatemala
Jun-13-08 | Korean and Taiwanese companies have agreed to study investment opportunities following a visit to Asia by senior officials of the Guatemalan investment promotion agencies, Pronacom and Invest in Guatemala.
Guatemalan Tax Reform Could Leave Congress This Week
Aug-18-09 | The "oficialismo" political party will try to pass the tax reform law this week. In their own words, the reform is "absolutely consented".
Guatemala amid boom in two-wheeled transport
May-16-08 | Guatemala is undergoing a boom in motorcycle ownership. Tax authorities say that 24,570 new motorcycles have entered the country so far this year alone.
More Hydroelectricity Projects in Guatemala
Aug-17-09 | To date, 37 hydroelectric and 2 geothermal projects have been approved, which could generate a total 1.681 MW.
Bayer to invest $3.2 million in Guatemala
Nov-19-08 | The Bayer Central America and the Caribbean Group will invest in remodeling their Consumer Care Division factory.
Remittances to Guatemala grow by 8.69 percent
Jul-11-08 | Despite the worldwide economic slowdown, remittances to families in Guatemala from members who live abroad have grown by 8.69 percent for the January-June period this year.
Guatemalan Banks bring home capital
Sep-29-08 | Guatemalan banks and financial companies are bringing home investments that they have in private entities in the US.
Guatemalan exports change destination
Sep-16-08 | The market with the the biggest growth is Central America, according to the lastest report presented by the Bank of Guatemala.
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