New Trends Transform Textile Industry
Apr-16-19 | The growth in demand for sportswear, which has been a trend in several international markets, is forcing companies in El Salvador to modify their production processes.
Textiles, the Mainstay of the Salvadoran Economy
Apr-11-14 | The sector produced 44% of all goods exported by El Salvador in 2013.
Textile Fair Planned in Panama
Aug-4-11 | The National Association of Clothes Makers has proposes the creation of an exhibition fair for the textile industry in the country.
Good Year for Nicaraguan Textiles Companies
Oct-18-11 | Exports up to August totaled $870 million, 35% more than in the same period in 2010.
Textile Industry Seeks to Recover Lost Ground
Jul-21-20 | After the demand for clothing fell in the world's main markets due to the health crisis, Salvadoran entrepreneurs are confident that in the coming months it is possible to recover part of the sales initially projected for this year.
Panamanian Textile Industry in Freefall
Aug-11-11 | The high cost of labor and other input materials has forced some companies to close operations.
Growth to stall in Nicaragua's Free Trade Zones
Jun-5-08 | The vice-president of the Association of Textiles and Clothing, Roberto Bequillard, thinks that this year the free trade zones will not grow in terms of attracting new investment. He said this is due to problems with the government of Daniel Ortega.
Crisis in Nicaragua: Textile Companies Closing
Jul-4-18 | The complicated situation happening in the country since mid-April has forced nearly 70% of SMEs in the textile and clothing industry to suspend their operations.
El Salvador: New Union of Footwear Companies
Mar-2-17 | The new Chamber of the Footwear Industry and related companies includes, as members, 280 national manufacturers of 10 different product lines.
An Industrial Policy for Nicaragua
Oct-20-16 | A strategy focused on increasing competitiveness by reducing production costs and facilitating the creation of added value is what industrial enterprises have asked for.
NO to Tariff on Imports From Colombia
Jan-28-15 | Nicaraguan industrialists pay more than their competitors in other Central American countries for the Colombian raw material they consume.
Mexican Interest in Nicaraguan Maquilas
Sep-25-14 | An announcement has been made that the Liverpool department store company will be negotiating the acquisition of textile garments made in the country.
Colombia interested in the region
May-21-09 | At the opening of "Eje Exporta 2009,” the president of ACOPI said that “Central America is one of Colombia’s target markets."
Guatemala: Military Factory Exports Footwear
Aug-24-09 | Guatemala's Army Military Industry will export kaibil-type boots to Nigeria, Panama and Honduras.
Guatemala: Textile Sector Demands Law on Investments
Mar-18-14 | Congress is deadlocked and essential laws to give legal certainty to investments for textile companies, among others, are being delayed.
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