Manufacturing Activity Up 9%
Apr-29-19 | Explained by an increase in production and sales, in March the Monthly Manufacturing Activity Index in the Dominican Republic increased 9% with respect to the same month in 2018.
El Salvador and the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Feb-25-15 | The government is seeking US support in order to improve conditions in the negotiation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to minimize the impact it will have on sectors such as textiles.
Invitation to Trade Fairs with South Korea
Aug-16-16 | In order to improve the export promotion strategy to China two annual meetings are being organized in Guatemala between companies from both countries, and the first will be held in March 2017.
Leather Footwear Industry
Dec-12-12 | The export restrictions on leather enacted in Nicaragua have allowed for a 7% increase in the activities of shoe factories in 2012.
Nicaragua: Flaws in the Customs Office Computer System
Nov-3-17 | Problems with the computer system are affecting processes such as settlements, online payments and shipping of free zone containers in transit to the port.
U.S. Extends Tariff Benefits for Panamanian Apparel
May-20-10 | The U.S. Government extended Panama’s tariff benefits for apparel goods until September 2020.
Negotiations for Purchase of Cone Denim Textile Factory
Apr-26-12 | European investors are to acquire the Cone Denim Plant in Nicaragua, which has been closed for 3 years and could reopen in late 2012.
WTO Rules in Panama’s Favor in Trade Dispute
Apr-28-09 | Colombia had taken tariff measures against Panamanians textiles from the Colón Free Trade Zone.
Demand for Textiles Stagnates
Jun-7-12 | After strong growth in the early part of the year, textile mills in the free zones of Nicaragua are reducing their workforce due to falling orders from the U.S.
Urban Development Boom Near Managua
Mar-26-13 | On a 12 kilometer stretch, the new road to León has had almost 13,000 homes built on it in just three years, in addition to four industrial parks of which 3 are already operating.
Political Uncertainty and Economic Losses
Dec-5-17 | Nine days after the presidential elections in Honduras an official winner has still not been announced, and the business sector estimates that the losses caused by looting, violence and paralyzed activities amount to $50 million a day.
Indian Businesses Express Interest in Guatemala
Sep-23-10 | Companies from New Delhi are interested in making investments in the country in order to create a Central American distribution center.
Panama: The Colombians that Colombia Discriminates Against
Apr-11-16 | Colombian businessmen have pointed out the damage caused to their business dealings with Panama by the respective governments inability to resolve continuing conflicts over the sharing of financial information and tariff policy.
Nicaragua: DUCA Charges Increase
Jan-6-20 | Since January 1, 2020, Nicaraguan authorities have been charging $25 for the electronic processing of the Single Central American Transit Declaration, a cost that exceeds by 233% what was paid until the end of 2019.
Central America and the Trans-Pacific Agreement
Sep-19-14 | Analysis of the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the region.
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