Tender for Vehicle Tires in Guatemala
Sep-13-21 | The Municipality of San Pedro Soloma in Guatemala requires the purchase of tires for machinery, trucks and vehicles, totaling 136 for fiscal year 2021.
Footfall analytics: Costco Wholesale Vs. Sam's Club
Oct-21-21 | Big Data technological tools and spatial data play a very important role in business by measuring footfall and helping to understand consumer behavior patterns in any given area of interest or point of sale.
Tender for Vehicle Purchase in Honduras
Sep-6-21 | The institution Inversion Estrategica de Honduras (INVESTH) is tendering internationally with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), five double cab pick up with manual and automatic transmission.
Ambulances Acquisition
Aug-16-21 | The Administrative Ministry of the Presidency of the Dominican Republic requires the purchase of basic life support ambulances for patient transfer and emergency health care.
Bamboo: New Industrial Plant in Guatemala
May-31-21 | In the coming weeks, a 1,750 square meter industrial plant will be inaugurated, a complex in which 50,000 bamboo poles will be treated and processed per year.
Industrial Complex in Guatemala
Sep-21-21 | In Guatemala there are plans to build an industrial complex called "Zdeep Gualan Zacapa" with different areas to function in customs, providing services in customs operations, which will enable an area of Free Zone of Public Spatial Economic Development.
Industrial Real Estate: Leasable Area Up 5%
Jun-22-21 | Between the first quarter of 2020 and the same period of 2021, the total leasable area in Panama City increased by 4.79%.
$14 Million in Airport Cleaning Services in Panama
Sep-14-21 | Panama requires specialized cleaning and sanitation services for Terminal 1, 2 and Cargo Terminal, annex buildings and surrounding areas of Tocumen International Airport for a 36-month period.
Costa Rica: 2015 Balance of Industrial Sector
Dec-3-15 | The industry claims that the government lacks solutions to the problems of excessive red tape and inefficiency in public institutions, but highlights some successes such as the beginning of construction of the mega-port in Moin.
Global Supply Chain Crisis? 
Oct-4-21 | COVID-19 and climate change have directly impacted the supply chains of the sectors and industries that generate the most economic output.  
Nextil Group to Move Two Factories to Guatemala
Jun-21-21 | In order to reduce costs and take advantage of the country's geographical location, executives of the clothing manufacturing company confirmed that they will move two plants currently located in the US and Spain to Guatemala.
Paper: $18 Million in Investment in Industrial Plant
Jan-28-21 | Kimberly-Clark is investing in the purchase of machinery with new technology and the refurbishment of its toilet paper and napkin production plant, which operates in the municipality of San Juan Opico, El Salvador.
Incentives Law for Recycling Industry
Jun-14-21 | On June 8, Law 223 was published in Panama's Official Gazette, a legal framework that establishes environmental tax exemptions for the recycling industry; these incentives will take effect as of 2022.
Rice: $15 Million Investment in Industrial Plant
Jun-25-21 | In Panama, the company Agrosilos S.A., invests in the expansion of its facilities located in the district of Chepo, the works include the construction of three new silos that will be used to store rice.
Tender for Yellow Equipment Repair
Jul-21-21 | Dominican Rep. tenders the contracting service of workshops for the repair and recovery of the yellow equipment fleet.
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