Big Data to Infer Relationships between Companies
Jul-1-21 | By analyzing the large volumes of anonymous data generated by mobile devices, it is possible to establish whether a distribution center has a commercial relationship with other logistics complexes, and even with establishments that serve the end consumer.
Plans for New Airport Announced
Jun-28-21 | In El Salvador, the Autonomous Executive Port Commission announced that in 2022 it will determine the management model for the Pacific Airport and in 2023 it will begin construction.
New Sea Freight Service to Florida
May-14-12 | Evergreen Line will offer weekly trips in both directions, between Panama, Costa Rica and Florida.
Salvador's bus companies go on strike
Apr-16-08 | Public transport in El Salvador was reduced to about 60 percent of its normal level as several bus companies protested over the government's refusal to raise bus fares.
Panama: New Rules for Cargo Transport
Jul-13-17 | The new law establishes requirements that must be met by companies that provide cargo transportation services and the types of vehicles that can be used, among other things.
Cargo transporters in Guatemala Announce Strike
Oct-25-16 | A strike has been announced for October 27 and 28 unless the government meets demands regarding new rules restricting movement of cargo vehicles in the capital.
Heavy Transport Circulation: Reactivating Restrictions
Jul-28-20 | After the government of Guatemala issued new regulations, the Municipality of the country's capital decided to restrict the circulation of heavy vehicles from Monday to Friday, from 5:00 to 9:00 and from 16:30 to 21:00.
Freight Transport: Freight Cost Up 10%
Jun-2-21 | Salvadoran carriers estimate that between January and May 2021, the cost of freight between El Salvador and Guatemala has increased from $500 to $548, a rise that is largely explained by the increase in the price of diesel.
Buses: Company Advertises New Routes in the Region
Dec-2-19 | Mexico's Cristobal Colon, a passenger carrier that began operations in Guatemala in 2018, announced that it plans to expand its routes to El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.
Transporters Threat with Strike
Dec-18-12 | Cargo transportation in Honduras could become paralyzed if shipping companies do not pay the new fixed rates.
Panama: Road Freight transport Up 40%
Aug-27-12 | The highway between the capital and Ciudad Colón gives advantages to trucking over rail transport.
Avianca Suspends Flight Routes
Mar-2-21 | Due to the constant restrictions in different countries regarding the limitation of entry of tourists, as well as mobility within the cities, and the high uncertainty that passengers still have, the airline decided to suspend some routes in Central America.
$19 Million for Railway Network Maintenance
Apr-26-21 | The Office for the Reorganization of Transportation of the Dominican Republic bids the preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance of the railway electrification system and the Santo Domingo subway track system, for a three-year term.
Heavy Transport: Extension Requested for Speed Control
Oct-28-19 | In Guatemala, transporters are asking to postpone the entry into force of the rule that establishes that vehicles of 3.5 tons and 12 passengers and above must install a device that will report the speed at which they circulate.
Cabify Withdraws from Panama and the Dominican Republic
Oct-13-20 | Arguing that the decision is due to the commitment of the search of the profitability, from November 8 the Spanish company of transport by application will stop offering its services in Santo Domingo and Panama City.
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