partially coincident with
object that is partially part of, but not fully part of (P361), the subject
partially overlaps partial concurrency concurrent with concurrency overlapping with partially include partially in coincident with part of (partially) overlaps overlaps with
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Data type
instance of
Wikidata property to describe the elements of identity
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symmetric property
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Wikidata item of this property
partial coincidence
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Wikidata property example
Interstate 70 in Pennsylvania
partially coincident with
Interstate 76
terminus location
New Stanton
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equivalent property
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inverse label item
partially coincident with
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property usage tracking category
Category:Pages using Wikidata property P1382
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see also
said to be the same as
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territory overlaps
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coextensive with
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property proposal discussion
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Relations Ontology ID
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reference URL
property constraint
symmetric constraint
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allowed entity types constraint
item of property constraint
Wikibase item
Wikibase sense
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property scope constraint
property scope
as main value
as qualifier
constraint status
mandatory constraint
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